01 toukokuuta 2016

Artist of May

Title & year unknown
My choice for the artist of May is a contemporary Finnish painter Sinikka Kurkinen whom I have met personally many times. She lives in Imatra in the south eastern part of Finland where I spent my childhood and school years. Sinikka paints with bright colors in a very abstract style. The paintings are of large size as you can see in the photo taken from an exhibition.

Dreams passing 2012
Seagull 1979
Christmas Card

"Sinikka Kurkinen (b. 1935) is one of the classics of contemporary Finnish painting. She has forged a long career, focusing determinedly on the study of colour and light. The colour is usually spread smoothly, the well-defined surfaces glow with, at times bright and brilliant, at others mystic, dark light.

The clear-cut boundaries of the surfaces recall the clarity of Japanese woodcuts, but Kurkinen's work is on an altogether different scale. The richness of the juxtaposed colours and the deliberately ornamental approach take the wiever's thoughts to the Orient, yet the atmosphere of the paintings also breathes Nordic coolness.

Sinikka Kurkinen's dazzling colourism is quite unusual in Finnish art. Her teacher, Academician Sam Vanni (1908-1992), who was also quite an exceptional colourist, recognized the special quality of Kurkinen's art, and he is known to have regarded her as his most promising student.

Compared with the concretism of Vanni, who was educated in France, Kurkinen's paintings have a more transparent, light-footed quality. The feeling they exude is very feminine.

Sinikka Kurkinen's art is characterisised by the expressivness of black surfaces. The black in her paintings is deep and engaging, musical. Indeed, her paintings convey a feeling of music in other ways, too. They also mirror states of a mind as much as they constitute concrete poetry of painted surfaces. Her colour schemes and execution can also be seen to contain hints of the Byzantine tradition, the natural sourse and background for which is her birthplace close to the Russian border.

Apart from her student days, Sinikka Kurkinen has lived and worked in Imatra, South Karelia. Her Karelian roots have bound her tightly to her home region. She belongs to the generation of artists who had to begin their careers in the impoverished post-war years in Finland. Women especially found it difficult to gain a foothold in the centre of the art scene. Describing herself as shy, Sinikka Kurkinen saw as her only alternative to return to Karelia and engross herself in painting in a place where there was at least some room and peace for work and where eastern Finnish landscapes and culture provided an inherent resource."

Swing of Time 2012
I'm happy to own this, Easter Cloud 1967

I hope these splashes of color pleased you!
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8 kommenttia:

  1. That is a great serie of artworks and a wonderful linky, that you explored! Very very interesting and seems to be very adult! P.

  2. What wonderful paintings. Such beautiful use of colour and shape. Not sure which is my favourite. The colours on the first are particularly good. How fortunate to actually own one! Thank you for joining again with Paint Monthly. B X

    1. In my opinion Sinikka's style and very bright colors need a plain modern inside decoration, they don't fit well in a traditionally decorated home. I love my Easter Cloud with its rustic / muted colors. It does not shout :)

  3. Wooowww.. Que maravilla de Riita. La exposcón r es todauna explosión de colores. Me gusta!!
    hyvä viikonloppu ;)

  4. The colours are so bright and work well together, I think I like the Christmas card best. :-)

  5. Such beautiful colours and shapes in these paintings. I like them very much. I love Seagull 1979 but they are all wonderful:)

  6. Ohh wow, I would love to visit an exhibition.


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