13 marraskuuta 2019

Library on Wheels

At their highest peak there were 200 library buses on the roads of Finland, now numbering 140. But one of them stops once a week nearby, at the local primary school. I looked in and it was filled with happy kids. So great to see that new readers are growing up! I use a lot of library but never thought about this option. Library buses offer literature for all ages - also bestsellers! - and I could easily change my library reservations here.

In Vantaa there are two library buses - DREAM & STORY and 107 stops: 33 kindergartens, 28 schools and 46 street stops. Borrowing activity is lively and in 2018 there were about 172 000 loans, most of which were literature for children and young people.

This is my most recent loan - Wanderings in Italy - Traveler of the Year Award 2019. 
The Mondo magazine in Finland especially praises the book for its rich travel stories:

Wanderings in Italy is a delightfully diverse compilation of travel stories: the book wanders 
in the wild and in beautiful cities, spotting cultural discoveries and even small breweries. 
Behind the 15 stories edited by Markku Kaskela and Tomi Kontio, there are numerous 
well-known writers from visual artists to poets. 


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12 marraskuuta 2019

Fragmented Images of Childhood

On Sunday we celebrated the Fathers’ Day in Finland. I have lost my father years ago, but still cherish my memories. I wrote this short story:

I see my mother in her small greenhouse in the strong aroma of tomatoes, and my dad in worn-out trousers and suspenders. The scythe leans on the ladder and the pipe slides into the mouth. How young and happy he looks! The word dear did not sit in either's mouth. It wasn't customary at the time, but caring was evident in slapping the butt, with gentle smiles. Both were hard working and enjoyed the results of their own hands. It was almost impossible to understand that they no longer existed. But I'm sure that from somewhere they follow the course of my life. Smiling with encouragement when I encounter a difficult place. Longing is in the air ❤︎

Das Original ’Hiefler mit Heu’, Public domain

Am Sonntag haben wir in Finnland den Vatertag gefeiert. Ich habe meinen Vater vor Jahren verloren, aber meine Erinnerungen immer noch zu schätzen. Ich habe diese Kurzgeschichte, Fragmentierte Bilder der Kindheit. geschrieben:

Ich sehe meine Mutter in ihrem kleinen Gewächshaus im starken Aroma von Tomaten und meinen Vater in Hosenträgern. Die Sense lehnt sich an die Leiter und die Pfeife gleitet in den Mund. Wie jung und glücklich er aussieht! Das Wort Liebling saß nicht in ihrem Mund. Zu dieser Zeit war es nicht üblich, aber es machte sich bemerkbar, wenn sie einander mit einem sanften Lächeln auf den Hintern schlugen. Beide arbeiteten viel und genossen die Ergebnisse ihrer eigenen Hände. Es war fast unmöglich zu verstehen, dass sie nicht mehr existierten. Aber ich bin sicher, dass sie von irgendwoher dem Lauf meines Lebens folgen. Mit Ermutigung lächeln, wenn ich auf eine schwierige Herausvorderung stoße. Sehnsucht liegt in der Luft ❤︎


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10 marraskuuta 2019

Sustainable Thinking in High Fashion?

We are all worried about the climate change and the impacts of industrial production and consumption on the environment. Every sector should try to act sustainably. There are ISO 20121 Standards for Sustainable Events, too - never knew or thought about that! A quote from that site: Events take a heavy toll on our resources, society and the environment. They can generate significant waste, put a strain on local resources like water or energy, or even ignite tensions in local communities. With ISO 20121 you can make your event sustainable, no matter its type or size. 
Read how Malmö, Sweden acted when arranging the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013.

At the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum, Florence there was an exhibition showing that sustainable thinking might be possible in High Fashion, too. I doubt this seriously! But at the exhibition all the garments were made out of recycled materials and even the mannequins were made out of biodegradable stuff. The exhibition was interesting. In the dark space my photos turned unsharp, but because this is an interesting topic, I’ll share them anywhay. There were SHOES of course! More photos from the exhibition HERE.

Designs by Salvatore Ferragamo (1998 -1960)
Yanis, Arnaud and Mehdi in high heels!


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