03 joulukuuta 2021

Friday Bliss #168 - This and That

I have shown you my white Christmas cactus already, but once more.
I think it looks stunning in this face pot!
I even used it in photographing Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-up Bird Chronicle
for my book blog. Just read it, quite a job, nearly 900 pages!

The final of the Finnish Dancing With Stars was on last Sunday for the 14th season!
The programme is very popular here, with over a million spectators. 
The three top couples were almost equally good:  singer-songwriter Krista Siegfrieds,
operasinger Waltteri Torikka and actor Ernest Lawson.

The public voted Ernest Lawson and his dancing teacher Anniina Koivuniemi to be the winners.
Here links to the free styles of all couples in the final:

 We have made preparations for the arrival of the kittens and have tried to finish all 
pending houshold renovating jobs, so that we can totally concentrate on Selma and Silva. 
Of course they will be frightened in the beginning, but good that they are two. Still one week to go!
One big job was to install new basin cupboard and mirror cupboard to our small toilet.
A tough job for my husband but he succeeded well!

We rejoiced of the first snow, but then it all melted away.
At the moment there is a bit of snow on the ground. It was a grey day, as you can see!

Have a blessed Advent Season!
Thank you for all the lovely comments you leave week after week at Friday Bliss.

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01 joulukuuta 2021

Krapu w 48 - Glögiharmitus


Ulkoilun jälkeen maistuu kuuma juoma: tee, kaakao tai juuri nyt glögi. Salli käy kahden eri kauppaketjun marketeissa ja on kokeillut muutamaakin glögibrändiä. Viimeksi ostettu oli laihaa kuin vesiväreillä värjätty vesi - ei niin mitään makua! Salli harmitteli kovasti ostostaan, kun oli miniäkin kylässä, nolotti ihan. Toisen kauppaketjun glögipullo oli kaunis ja lupasi hyvää makua, mutta ei - taas mautonta. Somessa kehuttiin Marlin glögiä ja vanha glögitesti mainosti parhaaksi Pirkka Luomuglögin. Jaa, vuorossa taitaa sitten olla käynti kolmannenkin ketjun kaupassa.

Mitään muuta harmittelun aihetta Sallilla ei ole: on jouluvalot ja kodikasta, ulkoilusää hieno eikä ole koronaa eikä flunssaakaan. Kaikki on täydellisen hyvin.

100 sanan krapuhaastetta vetää SusuPetal. 
Viikon 48 krapusanat ovat vuoro, taas, harmitella.
Kuva netistä. Free photo from online.

Crab is a 100 word Finnish writing challenge. 
Words for the week 48 are turn, again, complain.


After walking outdoors, a hot drink tastes good: tea, cocoa or mulled wine right now. Sallie does her shoppings in the supermarkets of two different retail chains and has tried a few mulled wine brands. The last one bought was tasteless as watercolor-stained water - no taste whatsoever! Sallie was very upset about the purchase because her daughter-in-law was visiting, she felt more or less embarrassed. The bottle of mulled wine from the second store chain was beautiful and promised good taste, but no - tasteless again. On social media Marli's mulled wine was praised and an old mulled wine test praised Pirkka Luomuglögi as the best. No doubt, Sallie must probably turn to the third chain store. 

Sallie has nothing else to complain: the Christmas lights are on and it is cozy, the weather is great and she has neither corona nor flu. Everything is perfect.

Mukavaa joulun odotusta! - Happy Advent Season!

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My November in Collage

At last we can say goodbye to November and welcome December! The month was not so bad and it practically flied. I participated in How to survive November challenge by Lepis. This year November was GREEN and the challenge really helped to survive this grey month.

I had my salivary gland removed and it is healing well, still aching a bit. I have tried to walk outdoors, have read a lot and decorated the house for Christmas. It is very probable that I have to remove some decorations when Selma and Silva arrive, because they run and play. I presented these cute kitties HERE.

I visited Didrichsen Art Museum with a friend and we saw jewellery designer & sculptor Björn Weckström’s fabulous exhibition Man, machine & jewellery. I visited also Plantagen and admired their plants and Christmas decorations. I told you also about the Askainen Church near Louhisaari manor.

Not a bad month after all. Now there are of course many doubts concerning Omicron and Christmas. I am not sure if me and hubby have the courage to meet grandchildren, because they are not vaccinated yet. We’ll get our 3rd Covid vaccination on Dec 21.

I thank you for your company this grey month and wish you a wonderful & healthy 
Advent season!

#der natur donnerstag #gartenglück #how to survive november #image-in-ing #krapu 

30 marraskuuta 2021

Time For Fairy Lights

Thank you Lepis for this challenge that has made November bearable.
Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas Season!

#der natur donnerstag #gartenglück #how to survive november #image-in-ing #krapu 
#makrotex #my corner of the world #tuesday's treasures #wednesday around the world