24 kesäkuuta 2017

Green Happiness

Hosta 'Halcyon' is my favourite - low with beautiful grey green leaves

This week we have got sun and rain. Everything grows so vigorously.
I love different shapes of leaves and different shades of green, the blooms are not that important.
I gathered here some examples of my wild garden = my green happiness ❤︎

Spiraea japonica’Goldmound’ would not need any of its pink flowers!

The yellow Meconopsis cambrica self seeds wherever it likes!
On the foreground Hosta sieboldiana 'Elegans'
Veratrum viride - Viherpärskäjuuri

This long flower bed is a bit empty for I have donated plants to my daughter

Late on Thursday evening there was this fantastic double rainbow ❤︎
I have never seen this great and the light was absolutely surreal on the tree tops.

There is going to be some blooming too!

Green Weekend

Happy weekend!

23 kesäkuuta 2017

Weekend in Black & White

As a photo this rainbow may not be any special, but it was really fabulous.
Photographed yesterday at 10 pm from the kitchen stairs.

Sorbus aucuparia var. Edulis