18 toukokuuta 2019

František Kupka at Ateneum

I wrote in March that in Helsinki at the Ateneum, part of the Finnish National Gallery there is a great retrospective exhibition of the Czech painter František Kupka (1871-1957). I visited the exhibition and found it absolutely fantastic! During his long career Kupka had so many different styles. I took plenty of photos, more can be found online of course. Before coming to the Ateneum, the exhibition was on display at the Grand Palais in Paris and the National Gallery in Prague.

Ateneum is a beautiful building from 1877 the style being neo-renessaince. 
On the facade there are reliefs, now covered by the Kupka poster. 
The staircase is beautiful with decorative iron railing.

There were big wall-high black and white photos of Kupka and his past exhibitions.

It was a wonderful art experience. If you have the possibility to see Kupka’s work 
in some art museum or exhibition, I am sure you’ll be impressed too.
I bought myself a book about Kupka so I can study his works and life.