26 syyskuuta 2021

Novita Wool Colors

Now that the autumn weather  is coming cooler, we will return to Novita yarn colors again. 
This week Novita Nalle's three colors: gooseberry, hay and saffron.

24 syyskuuta 2021

Friday Bliss #158 - Route Helsinki - Turku - Kustavi

Lahnajärvi Cafe is situated midway from Helsinki to Turku. It was one of Finland's first roadside cafes and it was opened in 1952, the year when Helsinki hosted the Summer Olympics. As the highway passed the cafe, it ran into trouble and was closed for a couple of years. The new owner thoroughly renovated the cafe and reopened it in 2020. The tourist is offered coffee and delicious pastries from their own bakery and food of course. There is also a local farm shop and beach. 

Tuesday night is an evening for motorcyclists at Lahnajärvi cafe. Photo moottori.fi

Lahnajärvi Cafe is very nostalgic to us. We stopped there of course
and had a cup of coffee with their delicious bakery.

Before reaching Kustavi, one has to drive over this stunning Kaitainen Bridge in Taivassalo. It is very high and to me who is afraid of high places, driving over it was thrilling. The bridge was built in the Kaitainen Strait, where traffic was previously handled by two ferries. The Kaitainen Bridge in Taivassalo is one of the longest bridges in Finland. It is almost 500 meters long and has an underpass height of 13.5 meters. The bridge was completed in 1982. The views from this bridge represent the Taivassalo seascape at its best. As it was not possible to stop on the narrow bridge, I searched online for a couple photos where you can see the bridge in all its splendor.

Photo Kari Hirvo

This week I had simply Anemone hupehensis in a bottle.

Wishing you all a relaxing & sunny weekend, stay well & healthy!
Thank you for all the lovely comments you leave week after week at Friday Bliss.

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22 syyskuuta 2021

Stunning Fall Colors


We have had some fresh but sunny fall days, about 10 C. Red and yellow fall colors 
are at its best. Some impressions from my garden and the neighbourhood.


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21 syyskuuta 2021

Old Cemetery in Lohja

A while ago I visited the Church of St. Lawrence in Lohja. It is one of Finland’s
most beautifully decorated medieval churches. I took also some photos of its beautiful cemetery 
where old and newer graves mix with each other.

Lohja is a bilingual city and many names had a Swedish clang
- Wikström, Österman, Johansson, Alenius...

The grave of a well-known politician and former Prime Minister Johannes Virolainen (1914-2000) 
and his second spouse is beside the church entrance.


#der natur donnerstag #garden affair #gartenglück #image-in-ing #makrotex
#my corner of the world #tuesdays treasures #t in die neue woche #wednesday around the world