20 lokakuuta 2020

Hobby - Reading

Satu Vasantola - Kaikki kadonneet  / All Those Lost

One of my hobbies is reading and I write reviews at my book blog Kirja vieköön! 
So far in October I have read mostly new releases by Finnish writers. Many bookstagrammers  
publish very elaborate photos, I prefer to focus on the cover. Accessories are often florals.

Pirjo Toivanen - Siskoni Italiassa  / My Sister in Italy

Hannimari Heino, Kristiina Wallin - Matkakirjeitä / Travel Letters

 The only international writer is Pulitzer Prize winner Jhumpa Lahiri, who has Indian roots, 
grew in The US and lives now in Rome - and writes in Italian! 
I have loved her previous books, but this made me a bit embarassed.

Jhumpa Lahiri - Dove mi trovo / Where I Find Myself / Missä milloinkin 

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19 lokakuuta 2020

Escape at Night

I participate weekly to a writing challenge. The text must be 100 words the title included. The hostess Susu gives every week three words that have to be included in the text. Last week the words were apartment, honest & to be afraid of. This is the text I wrote. In Finnish it was exactly 100 words, translated into English a lot longer - due to articles and prepositions, we don’t have those in Finnish.


It was a gloomy and stormy night. Pipsa had escaped from the annoying atmosphere at home to the family's old villa. The moon glew in the sky like in Transilvania and the wind howled in the corners, creaking at old structures. Pipsa considered herself a calm and sensible woman, but before dark she just had to check all the doors and windows so that no murderer could get inside. Maybe My sister, the Serial Killer wasn’t the best choice for tonight’s reading?

Pipsa listened to the sounds of the old wooden villa and was honestly afraid. Not soothing internal speech nor deep breathing helped. The horror escalated and in the wee hours Pipsa rushed to her car with a red baseball bat and filleting knife. She had to get to town and home apartment and tolerate hubby’s grumpy face.

My original photo.

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18 lokakuuta 2020

Autumn Yellows

Voirousku / Northern Bearded Milkcap / Lactarius repraesentaneus

T in die neue Woche

I participated in Nova’s T in die neue Woche in October 2019 for the first time. I tried to look my posts to find out whether I have published these arches before, but did not find. Anyway, no one remembers the old posts, right? During this odd year I am starting to run short of photos because being mostly at home there is not much to photograph. 

Last autumn I made a gorgeous trip to Florence. We had then no idea of the coming pandemic. This park with beautiful arches was found on a steep hill near the Boboli Gardens - my post about it HERE. I walked there early one Sunday morning and the view over Florence was breathtaking ❤︎

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#image-in-ing #makrotex #t in die neue woche #värikollaasit