30 syyskuuta 2022

Krapu / Crab Week 38

100 sanan krapuhaastetta vetää SusuPetal. 
Viikon 38 krapu sisältäen sanat ärinä, sohva, vaihtaa.

Crab is a 100 word Finnish writing challenge. 
Week 38: A story including words growl, couch, change / replace.


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#makrotex #my corner of the world #tuesday's treasures

20 syyskuuta 2022

Spicy Colours

Makrotex asks for SPICY COLOURS and they are abundant in the nature 
right now: different reds (chili) and oranges (curcuma, cinnamon). The queen of the autumn 
is definitely Parthenocissus that glows in fantastic red! Photos from my archives.


#der natur donnerstag #gartenglück #image-in-ing #krapu 

#makrotex / spicy colours #my corner of the world #tuesday's treasures

18 syyskuuta 2022

Colour Collage Week 38

For a change some art seen at The Didrichsen Art Museum in 2021 -

The theme is Berries and Terrain. You can choose one or the other color palette 
or combine them in your collage. This week’s  berry is  buckthorn
and the terrain shade is  seashore (chosen by me).

#colour collage #der natur donnerstag #gartenglück 

#image-in-ing #krapu #makrotex #my corner of the world #tuesday's treasures 

16 syyskuuta 2022

Friday Bliss #209 - Garden Views of the Week

My autumn asters, Symphyotrichum novi-belgii, are still small plants, but they spread eagerly. 
I replant root sprouts to suitable places. Here in front of our terrace. Autumn is in the air 
and finally we got some good rain! I hope this rain will help trees and my plants to survive.

Daughter M & her husband helped DH to carry all terrace furniture to shelter and 
all potted seedlings were planted. No stress whatsoever, the autumn may come!

I like very much the lime colour of Humulus lupulus ’Aureus’.
It spreads eagerly and I grow new plants from its root sprouts.

Previously here was growing a beautiful pale violet Clematis Emilia Plater,
but unfortunately it disappeared years ago. Now this wild humulus replaces it.
At the background you see how my small lawn has suffered from the draught.

Emilia Plater looked this fabulous a few years ago.

One of my young humulus root sprouts.

My purple clematis are still going strong. Here Negritjanka.

Plums are ripening. 
I used a small bowl as decoration for a book cover photo for my book blog.

Every day joy on the kitchen table is offered by this simple autumn arrangement.
The white Phalaenopsis has been in bloom for over two months ❤︎


Wishing you a pleasant weekend!

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