29 elokuuta 2022

Krapu / Crab Week 35 - Catwalk


Toisen vuoden lääketieteen opiskelija Eevi on päättänyt tienata lisäansioita mallintöillä. Ulkoisia edellytyksiä on. Pituutta koripalloa harrastavalla tytöllä on peräti 188 cm ja runsas liikunta on muokannut vartalonkin sopusuhtaiseksi. Luulisi, että kävellä osaa kuka tahansa, mutta asia ei ole alan gurujen mukaan ollenkaan niin.

”Vedä vatsa sisään ja purista keskivartalo tiukaksi. Olkapäät taakse ja lantio eteen. Käsivarret heiluvat luonnollisesti. Lantio ei keiku, etenet vaivattomasti liukuen.”

Eevi tuskailee yrittäessään omaksua näitä muotimaailman koodeja. Tytöstä tuntuu aivan mahdottomalle pysyä pystyssä. Kun vetää hartiat taakse ja työntää lantion eteen, normaali tasapaino on muisto vain. Ja sitten nämä korkkarit - tottumattomalle toista kuin turvalliset pelitossut! 

100 sanan krapuhaastetta vetää SusuPetal. 
Viikon 35 kravun sanat ovat koodi, olkapää, puristaa.

Crab is a 100 word Finnish writing challenge. 
Week 35: A story including the words code, shoulder, squeeze.
Free photo from online.


Second-year medical student Eevi has decided to earn extra money by modeling. There are external virtues. The height of the basketball-loving girl is no less than 188 cm, and plenty of exercise has also shaped her body to be proportionate. You would think that anyone can walk, but according to industry gurus, that is not the case at all. 

“Pull your stomach in and squeeze your core tight. Shoulders back and hips forward. The arms swing naturally. Your hips don't swing, you move forward effortlessly.” 

Eevi is in agony trying to adopt all these codes of the fashion world. It seems impossible for her to stay upright. When you pull your shoulders back and push your hips forward, normal balance is gone. And then these high heels - to the unaccustomed, they don’t equal to safe trainers!


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My August in Collage

AUGUST was a sunny & hot month. Too little rain at our place.
I watched athletics from Munich, tennis from the US, spent hours in the garden
and in the evenings listened to audiobooks.
The most interesting posts would be:

Around the World in 72 Days by Nellie Bly, first published in 1890,
Detective story Snow Grave by Finnish Tuire Malmstedt and
The Rose Code by Kate Quinn.

Wishing you sunshine & all the best for September!


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28 elokuuta 2022

Colour Collage Week 35

The theme is berries and terrain. The idea is the following: there are two color palettes. You can choose either one or combine them. You don't have to use all the shades, but it's not forbidden either. 
This week's berry is cloudberry and the terrain is swamp. 

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26 elokuuta 2022

Friday Bliss #206 - Small Brewery Shop

Situated in an ancient factory building and in the same complex as Gumbostrand 
Konst & Form there is a newly opened brewery shop exhibiting the beers of a couple of 
small breweries. I don’t know much about beer but there were many flavours to choose from.

The shop was decorated with old rustic items and upstairs they sold deep freezed 
reindeer meat and reindeer skins.



I liked a lot the special blue window frames. In the same big space there was also
 a handicraft shop, unfortunately closed during my visit. Well, some other time.


Wishing you a pleasant weekend!

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22 elokuuta 2022

Iconic Gold Medals in Athletics

That is why I want to say a few words about two iconic gold medal winners.

Every senior Finnish citizen remembers Lasse Virén’s long-distance runs and gold medals 
from the 1972 Summer Olympics of Munich. His 10,000 m run is iconic! 
He won with a new world record time of 27:38.4 - after falling down in the middle of the run! 
Virén immediately got up, reached the front group and stayed there and started 
his final spurt 600 meters before the finish line. See on Youtube.

Virén won his second gold medal in the 5,000 meters 
with an Olympic record time of 13:26.4.

21 elokuuta 2022

Colour Collage 34/2022

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19 elokuuta 2022

Friday Bliss #205 - Barcelona Inspired Bohemian Garden

Open Gardens, August 7:

Marjo’s wild and colourful, creative and playful garden was awarded in 2018 at Open Gardens. 
In 15 years Marjo has transformed this 1000 m2 plot into a unique garden with pergola, 
greenhouse, outdoor kitchen, mosaic works, mirror wall, and many other creative solutions. 
Even her two poodles have a lovely & colourful garden house!
Marjo seems to love blue and tourquoise. In addition there was an outdoor exhibition of
her Barcelona based friend, painter Maija Tuurna.

Marjo’s bohemian style is not for everybody, but I enjoyed what I saw.
Especially I liked the mosaics, could also try myself as I have a lot of spare tiles.

The Gaudí bench was gorgeous - made by Marjo!

The creature on the right is part of an outdoor grill.

There were two old iron beds in the garden & chandeliers, lanterns & statues.

Maija’s naivistic & colourful paintings.

The tile work of the outdoor kitchen was creative.

Probably this red princess sofa was put out only for the theme day…

Mosaics on an ordinary big stone block.

A heart-shaped small table with mosaic.

Garden fairy.

The dogs’ garden house was open & cosy.


Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
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18 elokuuta 2022

Summer Memories

The topic of Makrotex this week is SUMMER MEMORIES.
The summer still continues hot & sunny, but there has been a lot of gardening, 
meetings with friends and family, walking the kitties in the garden,
a few sightseeings, reading, strawberries, icecream - being lazy & just enjoying!


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14 elokuuta 2022

Colour Collage 33/2022

René Magrittes green apples, seen at Helsinki exhibition in 2019.

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#image-in-ing #krapu #makrotex #my corner of the world #tuesday's treasures 

13 elokuuta 2022

Garden Mix, Mid August

August continues sunny and oh so beautiful, even so that I don’t complain about
the lack of rain. I have divided perennials and replanted some plants to a better spot.
I know, I am early. But this job is much nicer to do now in shorts and top than in the autumn rains.
Here some blues & whites blooming now. 

Aconitum lycoctonum subsp. neapolitanum, Veronica longifolia & phlox.

The bees love Veronicastrum virginicum even if the blooming is almost over.

The blooming of hemerocallis is almost over. I hesitated with the name of this beautiful
brownish red one. It is Sammy Russel!

Echinops sphaerocephalus / Great globe-thistle grows on a sunny & dry spot.
It is 150 cm high! 

We have a tiny, tiny woods near one property border.
I made a path for me and the kitties to walk and shall plant groundgovers & other plants.
Let’s consider this as a before photo, next summer I will show how it looks after.

Happy gardening!
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