31 toukokuuta 2021

So Green!

The topic of Makrotex this week is SO GREEN. I photographed some green foliage.
I like also different colored foliage in mid of all that plane darkish green.
In the first photo Aruncus dioicus, in the second Stachys byzantina and Spiraea japonica. 

Hostas are wonderful with their different foliage. Underneath ’Halcyon’
that is in real life greyish green and one of my Hosta favourites - low & compact.

A very mixed planting! I love also the greyish foliage of ’Sedum Herbstfreude’.
They are hiding there somewhere :DD

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30 toukokuuta 2021

Color Collage - Wild Rose & Juniper

Novita wool yarn shades of the week are Wild Rose and Juniper.

My May in Collage

May has not offered the nicest weather, though in mid May we had a few wonderful & warm 
summer days. I visited my son & hubby’s daughter and went to see Roihuvuori Cherry Park. 
Otherwise my time has gone in the garden & doing small painting jobs here and there outdoors.
May was a good reading month as well: in total 16 books read or listened,
foreign & Finnish fifty fifty.

I would like to recommend you these great novels by young writers:
Nigerian Akwaeke Emezi - The Death of Vivek Oji
Argentinian Mariana Enríquez - Things We Lost in the Fire
Vietnamese-American Ocean Vuong - On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous

I started the season of garden bouquets with this heart shaped spring bouquet.

Wishing you all a wonderful June!

#der natur donnerstag #garden affair #gartenglück #image-in-ing #makrotex /monthly collages
#saturdays critters #t in die neue woche #wednesday around the world

29 toukokuuta 2021

Garden Joys End May

I have been complaining about the weather, but the rain has been good for the growth.
So many plants are in bloom. Our only old apple tree is bursting with flowers!
Today we have gorgeous sunshine, which made the shadows deep.

I’m very happy with tiny blue groundcovers - forget-me-not / Mysotis sylvatica 
spreads everywhere under the rose shrubs and so does Veronica filiformis.
They help to keep the weeds away.

Tulips are in full bloom: China Town, Queen of the Night, Spring Green
and behind it Purple Doll. With tulips the spring garden looks so cheerful!

I have done some painting outside. We have thick wooden planks separating
some beds from pavement. In 20 years their look had turned very untidy,
so I painted them and am happy with the result.

Wishing sunny weekend with last year’s forget-me-not  bouquet!

#der natur donnerstag #garden affair #gartenglück #image-in-ing #makrotex 
#saturdays critters #t in die neue woche #wednesday around the world

28 toukokuuta 2021

Friday Bliss #141 - Simple & Minimalistic

The weather gods seem not to favour sweet garden moments these days.
That is why I made a quick & simple arrangement in two bottles:
a leaf of Rodgersia, one tulip and one Polygonatum.
Voilà - there it is on my wet terrace!

Thank you for all the lovely comments you leave week after week at Friday Bliss.
Let's hope we all get some sunshine over the weekend!


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27 toukokuuta 2021

My Green Wet World

Well, what to say about this week’s weather?
Simply awful. Yesterday we had pouring rain & stormy wind from morning till night.
To my surprise almost all perennials are still standing upright. 
The views are still mostly green. This is what I saw this morning.

Tulipa sylvestris were sleeping. This photo is taken before the rain.

#der natur donnerstag #garden affair #gartenglück #image-in-ing #makrotex 
#saturdays critters #t in die neue woche #wednesday around the world

25 toukokuuta 2021

Tulip ’Esperanto'

The theme of Makrotex is today FLOWER.
I thought to present tulip ’Esperanto’ to you. It is low with beautiful variegated leaves.
The flower has gorgeous stripes and it looks amazing when looking inside.

"The buds bear a unique green-and-white pattern before blooming into gorgeous, flamed blooms. 
Its green leaves are also quite decorative, featuring a contrasting white edge. It's also long-lasting, 
the flowers stay beautiful for up to 3 weeks. They make classy cut flowers. Easy-growing 
and frost tolerant in borders, where it will attract butterflies. 
Esperanto has won the Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society.

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#saturdays critters #t in die neue woche #wednesday around the world

22 toukokuuta 2021

Garden Joys of Pentecost

Today is not raining! So I photographed some blooming plants and share with you 
a few garden impressions. This pink clematis Atragene is so easy and blooms abundantly
every year, practically with no care. It climbs along our house ladders.

I find tulip ’Akebono’ simply gorgeous!

Tulip ’Esperanto’ is low and has beautiful variegated leaves.

Only one ’Purple Doll’ has opened so far... More beautiful in bud.

Tulipa sylvestris has spread eagerly.

Wishing sunny Pentecost / Pfingsten!

#der natur donnerstag #garden affair #gartenglück #image-in-ing #makrotex  
#saturdays critters #t in die neue woche #wednesday around the world