14 toukokuuta 2021

Friday Bliss #139 - Enjoy the Life!

Finally we have got summer temperatures of 19-25 C. In the sun on our terrace 35 C!
It has been a gorgeous week. The nature is awakening rapidly, trees are sprouting 
and new joys can be noticed every day. I have Anemone ranunculoides growing 
in many places. Have not planted them, they have just appeared by themselves.

I don’t usually buy hydrangeas, neither in pot or as cut flowers,
because I don’t know how to take care of them.
As Mother’s Day present I got this gorgeous lilac hydrangea together with
a beautiful poetry book: To Mother, poems about life and love.

The book contains classic Finnish poetry of Eino Leino, Katri Vala, 
Saima Harmaja, Uuno Kailas etc. Such a sweet gift.

by Katri Vala (1901-1944)

The earth bubbling with purple lilac sprays,
white mildew of the rowans,
red star clusters of sticky catchflies.
Blue, yellow, white flowers
undulating as meadows of mad seas. 
And the smell! 
More wonderful than the holy incense! 
Hot and vibrant and madly insane, 
the pagan scent of the earth's skin!

Live, live, live! 
Live furiously the high moment of life, 
the petals extremely open, 
live blooming fabulously.
Be delirious about the scent, the sun -
be drugged, live to the fullest!

What about the fact that death is coming! 
What about that this multicolored beauty 
falls withered onto the ground. 
After all, we have blossomed once! 
The sun has shone, 
the great and burning love of heaven, 
directly to our blooming hearts, 
to the vibrating core of our being!

Thank you for all the lovely comments you leave week after week at Friday Bliss.
Wishing a sunny weekend!


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19 kommenttia:

  1. Good to read and I am so happy for you. Now you can enjoy your garden, the gardening and all the pretty flowers. I hope it will stay and you will have an nice weekend to enjoy everything.

    Greetings and hugs to you


  2. Guten Morgen liebe Riita,
    wie schön, bei dir Hortensien zu finden, die so eine schöne Farbe haben.Aber auch deine anderen Blumen sind so schön.
    Allerdings bin ich etwas Hortensienverrückt, ich mag sie so sehr.
    Habe ein schönes Wochenende.
    Greetings Eva

  3. So wonderful to have the lovely Anemone ranunculoides blooms in your garden. So nice to receive Mother's Day gifts in the form of a pot of beautiful hydrangea and a poetry book. Have a happy weekend.

  4. Beautiful colours! Thanks so much for hosting!


  5. Oh funny, I have forget-me-nots with me today too!

    The hydrangeas are beautiful, they have been one of my favorite flowers from childhood days!

    I wish you a nice weekend

    best regards


  6. I love hydrangeas, but I have only syyshortensia in my garden. Let's enjoy these summer temperatures! Have a great weekend!

  7. Dearest Riitta,
    yes, it's great how life is currently taking off in our gardens. Your photos are wonderful! And isn't it nice that some flowers appear without having been planted ?! They have looked for a place where they can thrive and will enchant the garden for a long time. I like hydrangeas very much, but they don't tolerate drought well, so I don't plant new ones anymore. At the moment, however, it is wet and cool here - it started to rain on Wednesday (after a beginning of the week that was warm like summer) and it has also got cold again.
    Since I am currently only working on the laptop, I unfortunately cannot link my blog post (I cannot access the link-up). If I send you the link, can you possibly link my post here?
    All the best,

  8. It is stunning how spring sets the pace with you.
    Bon week-end!

  9. ...flowers that appear by themselves are a gift of nature!

  10. Liebe Riitta,
    das sind wundervolle Bilder, es macht Freude sie anzusehen. Bei uns fühlt es sich jetzt auch mehr nach Sommer an, aber es ist noch recht kühl, von 35 Grad können wir hier nicht mal träumen.
    Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende.

    Viele liebe Grüße

  11. Welch wunderschöne Frühlingsblumen....ein schönes Geschenk ist der Gedichtband und die Hortensie.
    Im Garten habe ich auch keine Hortensien. Mit diesen Blumen habe ich kein Glück.
    Ich wünsche ein schönes Wochenende und hoffe, wir können alle den Frühling genießen.
    LG. Karin M.

  12. Bei dir kann der Frühling seine ganze Pracht entfalten. Wunderschöne Bilder!

  13. How I love the color combination of blue and yellow! So happy for you having the gift of a hydrangea (am the same, they always die on me, lol) and a poetry book for Mothersday! Emjoy the great weather, Jesh

  14. Lovely flowers! Have a good weekend.

  15. What a lovely Mother's Day gift. The blue and yellow Anemone ranunculoides flowers together are simply gorgeous!

  16. Your photos are always so beautifully composed

  17. Moi, dearest Riitta,
    today I coul manage it to link my previous post and the new one, too :-)
    Happy Sunday, wonderful new week and all the best from Austria,

  18. Dear Riitta!
    Wonderful spring flowers. Hydrangeas are among my favorite flowers. I have never seen a cut flower on sale.

    Have a great new week. Hugs and greetings.

  19. Spring is such a welcome time and I'm glad it's finally arrived for you. The spring flowers are so beautiful. I do love hydrangeas and have several bushes of them around the garden.
    Enjoy your week.


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