31 lokakuuta 2016

Lähikuva - Close-up

The Makrotex Challenge this week is CLOSE-UP.
I'll share a few trunks and branches with lichen - added with purple Calluna and Brassica.

Plants  ViherVimma


Happy WHITE week!
White because the forecast tells it's going to snow in Southern Finland too!

30 lokakuuta 2016

My everyday colors

Aino said:
"Thanks  for you my all friends of colours and collages.  At the same time, when we moved to after the summer time to normal time comes this new challenge, which may actually choose for yourself, because the theme is the color of everyday life (casual). Is it gray (there are talking about that casual is gray)  or something other colours which give golden beam in you daily life?

Have a nice colorful week! "

My everyday colors have looked like this lately. Pretty much similar to Aino's choice!
Have a colourful start to November!

Brassica in Purple

All plantings ViherVimma

I was walking yesterday and found a small Garden Center along my route.
I had my camera with me, so I went to get acquainted.
The personnel at ViherVimma were so kind and let me photograph their lovely autumn plants.

Especially I found these Brassica oleracea so beautiful with their sparkling purple color.

My scary Purple Hell! :))

I add here 2 twirls... Does Halloween mess up your brain?

My 'Everyday Colors'


I wish you Colourful Halloween!

29 lokakuuta 2016

Orange as Halloween!

All plantings  ViherVimma

This weeks topic ORANGE at Our Beautiful World was chosen by Kirsty.
It is the color of Halloween. 

My digital drawing

ORANGE is also the color of the Finnish company Fiskars.
They produce scissors, cutters for crafters, garden tools etc. of high quality!


Our Beautiful World

The next Sunday's topic is HOBBY.
You are most welcome to join!

Happy Halloween!

October Summary

Autumn Colors were still great

I read 11 books in October!
3 international ones, 8 from Finnish writers

Linn Ullmann is a Norwegian highly praised writer. 
Her book Rauhattomat / De urolige/ The restless was released in 2015. 
It is not yet available in English but when it is, it really is worth while reading. 
A fascinating story about her famous parents, especially her father. 
And the way she writes - wow!! Loved it!
Goodreads *****

Ursula Poznanski Goodreads **
Chris Cleave Goodreads **

Walks in the nature

Eating fresh & taking vitamins!

Enjoying my daily life

Mosaic Monday

Wishing you a great start to November!

Black & White Florals

Campanula latifolia

Rosa rugosa leaf

Epilobium angustifolium 'Album'

Click to the link:

25 lokakuuta 2016

Flower Wednesday 22

Wild Verbascum thapsus - pops up here and there in my garden, biennial

It is so lousy weather today - grey and it rains - 
that I gathered some yellow spikes from June / August.
I wish they bring some sunshine to your week!

Ligularia przewalskii - cultivated, perennial

Wild Lysimachia vulgaris, perennial

Wild Verbascum nigrum - pops up in odd places in my garden, biennial

Kukkailoittelen tällä myös. 
Kuten tiedätte ei meillä ole sisällä kukan kukkaa kissan takia..
Tuokoon keltainen aurinkoa tähän harmauteen!
Jos on aikaa, linkeistä löytyy ihanaa kukkailottelua muista maista!

Today's Flowers
Floral Friday Fotos

Here in the Northern Hemisphere the blooming season starts to be over.
But let's share and enjoy our summer memories!
Tervetuloa! - Welcome!


Linkup 1 & the rules.

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