28 helmikuuta 2021

Colors of the Qatari Flag

Colors of the Qatari Flag

My husband is a Virgo and his mug says that he is good hearted, sympathetic, trustworthy
& analytic. He thinks he knows everything and usually does!
He is control freak, perfectionist, diligent but a really good friend!

Day of Kalevala & the Finnish Culture

Today we celebrate Kalevala and the Finnish Culture. The Kalevala is a 19th-century work of 
epic poetry compiled by Elias Lönnrot from Finnish and Karelian oral folklore and mythology.
I have shared before these photos of the Finnish National Museum, but in honor of Kalevala once more.

It is an impresive building opened in 1916 and designed by the architects
Gesellius, Lindgren & Saarinen.

The museum's entrance hall ceiling has ceiling frescoes in Kalevala theme, painted by 
Akseli Gallén-Kallela. The frescoes, painted in 1928, are based on the frescoes painted by him 
in the Finnish Pavilion of the Paris World Fair in 1900.

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26 helmikuuta 2021

Friday Bliss #128 - Blue & White

The winter is white with a hint of blue in the scenery - so are my today’s photos.
My husband bought me a white chrysantemum in pot. 
It would not be my own winter choice, but as white it fits well to winter.
I photographed it with a Christmas plate of Arabia, designed by
the artist Raija Uosikkinen (1923-2004). I have left only the plate of 1979,
but there are many more found on online vintage shops.

This oil painting of a moose in snowy forest is painted by my husband’s uncle.

by Turkish-British Elif Shafak.

Happy weekend - stay warm!


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25 helmikuuta 2021

My February in Collage

This February has been a tough month. The winter has been severe with snowfalls 
& strong colds. Lately we have got some sand from  Sahara and it can be clearly seen on the snow.
In addition we have had icy rains that have difficulted to scratch the car windows.

We have been sick and tired all three: Sissi was very sick, probably she had a fever 
but is now fortunately better and eats well again.
Hubby has been couching for weeks and my flu (not corona said the test) does not seem to go away.
Well, not so positive thoughts about February - fortunately it is soon over.
The covid situation in Finland adds its stress to my spirits.

But I want to turn my thoughts to spring and spring bulbs. 
And try to gain my energy and positive attitude!

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23 helmikuuta 2021

Makrotex - My Favourite

The theme of Makrotex is MY FAVOURITE. It is an ample conception
that could be interpreted in many ways. I chose this photo because
tulips are my favourite flowers of the season and books are my favourite throughout the year.
For Jutta’s Digitalart Dienstag a couple of edits of the photo.
Kind of self portrait: I have loved flowers & books since childhood.

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21 helmikuuta 2021

Colors of the Portugese Flag

The colors of the Portugese flag

Flower Power

In the same building as my local supermarket there is also a florist shop 
called Kukkanen / Small Flower / Florecita.
I love to admire their flowers and bouquets. This is what I saw this week.

I nearly bought this special Streptocarpus, it was so beautiful.

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19 helmikuuta 2021

Friday Bliss #127 - White as Snow

Again freezing cold. On Thursday morning - 22 C. I have suffered from a flu,
went even to corona test, but fortunately it was negative.

I wanted to buy white flowers to be photographed with The White Book by South Korean Han Kang.
This fantastic double Eustoma cought my eye at the local florists’.
I bought only one stem plus a monstera leaf, total 10 €. Beautiful and simple.

Happy weekend - stay warm!


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16 helmikuuta 2021

Makrotex - Sound

 The theme of Makrotex is SOUND. How to depict sound with a photo?
The only idea that came to my mind was silence = no sound at all.
On a very cold morning the frost at -20 C seems to absorb all sounds.
For Jutta’s Digitalart Dienstag an edit of the photo.

#der natur donnerstag #digitalart dienstag #gartenglück #image-in-ing 
#makrotex / sound #t in die neue woche #värikollaasit