19 kesäkuuta 2020

Friday Bliss #93 - Happy Midsummer!

We Finns call Rosa spinosissima /  R. pimpinellifolia ’Plena’ Midsummer Rose - Juhannusruusu.
To me it is the symbol of juhannus! This year their timing is perfect.

Today the length of day in Helsinki is 18h 56min, in Rovaniemi 24h 0min

This is what the expression Land of the Midnight Sun means: no night & never-ending light. 
But the never-ending light is problematic to tourists and to some Finns too. Brit Joel Willans says: 

"The reality is a bit different. Never-ending light lasts for about three months. 

Never-ending light feels cool for about 48 hours. After that you realise that never-ending light 
means never-decent sleep, and that hurts your head... a lot. 
I stayed in summer Lapland for about a week. By day three I was putting towels over the curtains 
and wrapping my face in pillows while wearing sunglasses, anything and everything to keep
 the never-ending light at bay. It didn’t work. I couldn’t sleep. The never-ending light won.”

I tested quickly also floating roses, this is very good for peonies...

For Midsummer I made a wildflower like bouquet. I did not have cornflowers,
but blue Centaurea montana act as them. Then I used pink aquilegias and 
a bit of Aruncus dioicus. Voilà - Midsummer may come!

Flowering meadows like fairy's hair,
tuffets of moss like softest fuzz.
The sky is high, so high,
pure magic is the midsummer night.
Nocturnal bird whispers after its sweetheart,
you can hear even the nature speaking.
Finally we see the flames of bonfire fading.
– Eeva Peltonen –

Sun, Joy & Happiness to your Midsummer weekend!

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25 kommenttia:

  1. Good morning dear Riita,
    I like to think that the light was not so good.
    It's the same as when it's always dark.
    We are used to it.
    Such a beautiful poem of meadows and fairy hair.

    Have a wonderful day
    Greetings Eva

  2. Hi Riitta,lovely flowers and wunderful Video!
    And .. I LOVE your wild bouquet, it is wonderful!
    Wishing you a lovely Midsummer and a happy weekend!
    Love and hugs, Claudia xo

  3. das ist ja ein hinreißend schöner mittsommerstrauß und diese rose ist eine wahre pracht! das gedicht passt auch wunderbar dazu. wir erleben meistens den mittsommer ganz im norden von dänemark, da ist es auch fast die ganze nacht hell. ich finde das toll, aber zum schlafen habe ich auch gerne gardinen vor den fenstern ;)!
    liebe grüße

  4. Beautiful flowers and I love floating flowers too. The lake photo is amazingly beautiful. Enjoy!


  5. Good morning dear Riitta, happy midsummer to you. Over here there will be no fiestas, they are all cancelled, also all the fires at the beaches and around. So it’s gonna be a "normal" weekend, ok on sunday the last day of our "Alarmzustand".

    Interesting about not sleeping cause of never ending lights. I can not say if I would have problems about it, but I know that if I am really tired I can sleep also during the day, so when it’s light outside. May be I can test it one day ;-)

    Love your bouquet, but my favorit it the floating roses. She is really pretty, and you know whar? I have the same green glass blowl^^

    Wishing you a beautiful start into the weekend, have a good time.

    Saludos, abrazos y besitos


  6. This is a wonderful post for the Midsummer Festival with you! The bouquet is wonderful, it fits so nicely at this time! The video is great! The landscape photo on the water is so pretty! The saying is so beautiful.
    I wish you a happy weekend and midsummer!
    Greetings Elke

  7. WOW was für ein wunderschöner Strauß, liebe Riitta. Und die Rose ist ein Traum.

    Sonnige Freitagsgrüße
    von Anke

  8. Good morning Riitta!

    A very nice idea to use the flowers as floating elements.
    And then the combination with the beautiful bowl! Like it a lot!
    Is it really the case that you cannot sleep in this light even though you have your eyes closed and your windows darkened?
    I often lie down on the weekend after lunch and do not darken anything and can still sleep well.

    Have a good weekend
    and greetings


  9. During this period, it looks like early morning. So interesting! And also fascinating!
    Enjoy your midsummer!

  10. Beautiful roses and peonies. I have not experienced never ending light and I think I will suffer from sleeplessness because I can only sleep well in a dark room. Lovely wild flower bouquet and the lake with the sunlight shining through the trees.

  11. Ein glückliches Mittsommerfest in einem Neuen Kleid das wünsche ich dir.
    Der Blumenstrauss passt perfekt und die Stimmung am See ist Atembebraubend.
    L G Pia

  12. Wunderschön deine Rose! Und ebenso herrlich der Strauß! Da kann Mittsommer gefeiert werden. Viel Freude!

  13. Liebe Riitta,
    deine Blüten Deko ist wieder einzigartig, genau so das tolle Foto von der See Landschaft!
    Ich wünsche dir eine schöne Mittsommer Zeit und grüße dich herzlich

  14. Dear Riitta,
    you welcome the Midsummer Festival with a really beautiful bouquet of flowers.
    Everything fits together and shines day and night!
    This time, as beautiful as it may be, is certainly not always without health problems for you. I wish you a happy Midsummer Festival weekend,
    warmly moni

  15. ...beautiful, Riitta your arrangements are always a delight.

  16. Dear Riitta
    Just wow! Your flowers are wonderful and I especially love the colours. I wish you a lovely midsummer Festival, unfortunately we do not celebrate it here in Switzerland.

  17. Riitta, your flowers are always so beautiful! And the poem you chose goes perfectly with the images. Have a wonderful Midsummer festival!

  18. Beautiful photos, Riitta! Happy Midsummer

  19. The peonies have my heart! And the pink purple bouquet is so graceful:) You are undoubtedly the queen of flowers I know:) I bet the kids in the video liked to stay up past midnight:) Have a lovely midsummer weekend Riitta! Jesh

  20. Me ha encantado tu ramo de flores. Besos.

  21. Beautiful flowers! It's funny that occasionally I fall asleep during the day, but any disturbance at night keeps me awake.

  22. Liebe Riitta,
    jetzt hatte ich doch glatt den Freitag vergessen, aber Deine Party ist ja zum Glück noch offen...
    Dieses Bild mit dem Sonnenaufgang oder -untergang ist wirklich beeindruckend schön.

    Viele liebe Grüße

  23. Happy midsummer ...your bouquets are beautiful. Today is the longest day of the year here too of course but also the first day of summer! ..... we spent one summer in Alaska, also the Land Of The Midnight Sun... and we had no trouble sleeping (although of course we stayed up very late on purpose on June 20 night... but also, like you, not drinking too much!). ... That is a good memory, ...thank you for hosting and for the information about your Midsummer celebration..,I love to learn.

  24. Your flowers are so bright and cheerful! They are a delight to see :) My winter is showing spring flowers for some reason!!
    I cannot imagine living with your midnight sun (nice video, btw) but I guess you get used to it eventually. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Dear Ritta, I really like meadow flower bouquets ... so also your bouquet. Centaurea fills its representative role very well.
    Greetings Christa


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