31 maaliskuuta 2021

My March in Collage

It has been a quiet month, mainly in expectation of spring.
The snow is slowly melting and the first snowdrops are blooming.
I truly welcome April!

Opposite our house there is a small woods. Half of it is gone now.
There is going to be built a new house. It took the guys two days to cut down all the
trees and transport the trunks away. Later they dug all the stumps, roots and rocks away.
Interesting to follow the construction process.

Wishing a good start to April!

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30 maaliskuuta 2021

In Pastel Tones

The theme of Makrotex is PASTEL TONES. The pompom is peachy
although looks darker. The old plate is Arabia’s Kesäkukka / Summer Flower. 
This pattern was in production in 1939-47. I have herited a few from my grandmom.

For Jutta’s Digitalart Dienstag an edit of the above photo:
Easter tea pot.

Happy Easter week!

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#makrotex / pastel tones  #t in die neue woche #värikollaasit

28 maaliskuuta 2021

Flag Colors of Uruguay

Flag colors of Uruguay 

T in die neue Woche

This store has an odd Chinese style roof here in the Helsinki region.
The company’s name used to be Hong Kong, but the new owner seemingly did not buy 
the brand’s name or just wanted a change. Anyway the new name is Rusta.
I had hard time to translate rusta. It is a playful expression of doing or making a bit of this 
and a bit of that at home. The store has a garden market in the summer
and sells all kinds of home & hobby products, decorations, carpets, curtains, shampoos...

Their old name and logo.

They have weekly offers, printed and online, and at the moment
they advertise for example: The summer starts at Rusta.


#der natur donnerstag #digitalart dienstag #gartenglück #image-in-ing 
#makrotex  #t in die neue woche #värikollaasit

26 maaliskuuta 2021

Friday Bliss # 132 - Yellow Hyacinths

I connect hyacinths to Christmas, but as yellow they are perfect spring flowers.
Recently I had a pot with three bulbs and they bloomed wonderfully 
spreading their scent around our home. I took a few photos with Easter decorations.
I plant the bulbs in the garden, but for some reason they don’t thrive.

Wishing a pleasant weekend, stay safe & well!


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23 maaliskuuta 2021

Mignon eggs & Covid-19 vaccination

The good news of the week is that me and my husband got our first Covid vaccine! 
The used vaccine was BioNTechPfizer's Comirnaty. So far no side effects.

The vaccination took place in an empty elementary school situated in the same building as
Sanomala, Finland's largest newspaper printing house. It prints the newspaper 
Helsingin Sanomat (the widest distribution in Finland) and the tabloid Ilta-Sanomat
among others. The building is huge. 

Everything was organized perfectly:
while sitting the demanded 15 minutes was relaxed with no crowd.
To reward ourselves we bought a four-pack of Fazer's Mignon eggs. A few words of them.

Mignon eggs are genuine egg shells filled with chocolate.
The founder of the company Karl Fazer began making this classic of the Finnish Easter tradition 
in his factory as early as 1896. The handmade Mignon still tastes almost the same 
as it was when it was born. 
This year 1.8 million Mignon eggs will be produced!

For Jutta’s Digitalart Dienstag an edit of the above photo.
Would it not be nice to have a magic wand and multiple these treats in a second!

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20 maaliskuuta 2021

Happy Finnish Spring?

World Happiness Report has announced that Finland was again - for the 4th consecutive year - 
the happiest country in the world. The ten happiest countries are: Finland 🇫🇮 Denmark 🇩🇰 
Switzerland 🇨🇭Iceland 🇮🇸 Netherlands 🇳🇱 Norway 🇳🇴 Sweden 🇸🇪 Luxembourg 🇱🇺 
New Zealand 🇳🇿 Austria 🇦🇹. I agree, Finland is a good and peaceful country, but our climate 
could indeed be better. At the moment it is snowing wet snow. 

On Thursday I visited the charming gift shop Koiramäen pajutalli and this is how it looked: 
Still a lot of snow, but clear sky and sun and very sharp shadows. 
This used to be a normal farm house with stalls and sheds painted in red, which is typical Finnish. 
It is a lovely place to visit any time of the year and I always admire their huge trees.
Easter decorations were displayed in the white main building. Due to the pandemic 
me and my husband were the only clients. So sad.

As we were the only customers, we could admire in peace their lovely Easter items.
A great assortment to every taste. I found these royal chickens so cute!

Wishing Happy Weekend!

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19 maaliskuuta 2021

Friday Bliss #131 - Pre-Easter Looks

I like to have a heavenly blue Saintpaulia on my kitchen window sill,
because it reminds me of spring and Anemone hepatica.
Easter grass has been sown and these little Easter bunnies and eggs will be placed 
on the rye grass when ready. At the background you see a brownish feather wreath 
that is a DIY job from last year and looks as good as new.

I have had these green handmade ceramic eggs for years. 
The candle is for hope that all the world will survive this pandemic.

Wishing a pleasant weekend, stay safe & well!


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