30 lokakuuta 2020

Friday Bliss #112 - Happy Halloween!

It is Halloween weekend. I don't personally celebrate Halloween, so I don't have
any scary decorations either. But I thought to share these masks I photographed 
at a square in Florence last autumn - even if they are more beautiful than scary. 

For Jutta’s Digitalart Dienstag I made last year this manipulation
- Party over The Arno:

"The Venetian masks got tired of home corners and decided to travel.
They invaded Florence and scared the people.
But they thought that the party was really fun.

It seems that the coronavirus is taking the whole world, and Europe in particular, directly to hell. 
Led Zeppelin’s song Stairway to Heaven dates back to 1971. The heavy metal singer Jarkko Ahola 
has a fantastic voice, please listen! 

In fact, I am in heaven at the moment because three months of  renovation and moving project 
is now doneHallelujah!  You see, we had a beautiful & modern flat in an apartment house 
in Helsinki and it was our intention to sell this old Vantaa house with laborious garden and to move 
to an easier place. But in the beginning of August we decided to stay here, much because of 
the coronavirus and the changed reality - no travels & no desire to stroll in the city center, 
the countryside is wiser. So we renovated the whole house and moved our belongings 
from the flat back here. What an arduous project but now it is done!


I wish you Happy Halloween or peaceful All Hallow’s Day, whatever everyone is celebrating!

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18 kommenttia:

  1. Good morning dear Riita,
    I don't like Halloween that much either, if you want to celebrate, you can do that. I also like these Venetian masks very much, we have the Association of Venetians here in Ludwigsburg, which unfortunately cannot celebrate this year either. A big move then always goes through the city.
    Your idea with the masks is also a very nice thing and those who have a nice and well-kept home in nature are all the better off. It looks nice.
    Greetings Eva

  2. The Venetian masks are beautiful. Yay for renovation being done. You probably would have missed the beautiful garden. Happy All Hallows Eve to you too!


  3. Beautiful Venetian masks. Enjoy your renovated home and stay safe.

  4. Me over here neither and I have just a few Halloween decorations outside in the garden. I loved to party over in Canada. There it’s so much fun, already when you see all the deco. Over here you can buy a lot of deco too and it always tickles in my fingers, but for what. Especially this year...

    Oh, that’s a good decision from you. I think it’s really better to stay in the house. There you are having the beautiful garden to enjoy. Ok, much work but I think it is better to getting help, in case you are not able, than staying in a apartement and no chance to enjoy the green around. Good to hear that you are now done. Enjoy your "old-new" house.

    By the way, I like these masks also very much, and I like how you made the pic for die digital art.

    Wishing you now a good start into the weekend I am sending greetings and hugs over to you


  5. You took a wise decision staying in the country. The final composition with masks is awesome!
    I have been following Elämäni Biisi on tv and could appreciate Ahola's voice.
    Have a nice weekend!

  6. ich finde es ja schön, dass ihr euer altes haus und den garten behalten habt!! wir überlegen auch immer mal wieder in die stadt zu ziehen, weil hier alles so viel arbeit macht und wir nicht mehr so fit sind wie früher mal. aber gerade jetzt in coronazeiten sind wir froh und dankbar, es noch nicht gemacht zu haben!! gut, dass ihr euch jetzt nach der renovierung wieder wohl fühlt!
    mit halloween habe ich nichts am hut, wie man hier so schön sagt. aber die venezianischen masken sind toll und besonders deine arno-collage gefällt mir sehr!
    pass auf dich auf und bleib gesund, liebe riitta!
    herzliche grüße

  7. Dear Riitta
    Your masks are beautiful. I don't celebrate Halloween either, it means nothing to me. The renovation in your house turned out beautifully. The renovation time is tedious but afterwards you can really look forward to it. But you had a lot of work to pull back and forth.
    Have a wonderful weekend and hugs

  8. Difficult times often require new decisions.
    Stay healthy!

  9. Liebe Riitta,
    ich feiere auch kein Halloween, und es sieht auch so aus, als ob das ganze Feiern sowieso ins Wasser fällt, wegen Corona ist das ja nicht mehr möglich.
    Drei Monate ist schon eine lange Zeit, gut, dass ihr es geschafft habt, und es sieht wundervoll aus. In dieser Zeit jetzt, fühle ich mich auf dem Land auch deutlich besser als in irgendeiner Stadt.
    Pass gut auf Dich und Deine Lieben auf und bleib gesund.

    Viele liebe Grüße

  10. ...so many beautiful images and a fabulous version of a classic.

  11. Oh that’s so good you finished that huge project . Now you can happily settle in for winter! Your reasons for the move make perfect sense in our changed world. Wishing you every happiness. Thanks for hosting.

  12. Beautiful Venetian masks. I also don't celebrate Halloween because in my country I would be condemned. I like this happy holiday.
    A wise decision to stay in the countryside.
    I wish you good health and send you the power of cordiality.

  13. Hallo Riita!

    Wie zauberhaft diese Masken doch sind. Ich liebe sie.
    In Hamburg gibt es immer den Maskenzauber (so ähnlich wie in Venedig) und immer wieder ist es schön, die verkleideten Personen mit ihren traumhaften Masken zu sehen.

    Deine Wohnungseinrichtung gefällt mir sehr, du hast einen tollen Geschmack!

    Alles Gute, bleib gesund
    und liebe Grüße



  14. Don't know how it looked before, but what you show is very beautiful and classy!Worth the work of the remodel:) Love the chandelier in the middle. You made a wise decision to choose the country over the city. The city is fun for events (then you could travel), but can be pretty depressing when there are no people around! Also, I "heard" in the virus time that having to stay inside without having a garden made people depressed.

  15. Happy Halloween, dearest Riitta!
    (I also don't celebrate Halloween ;-))
    What a wonderful and wise decision to keep the old Vantaa house and the garden! And it looks really beautiful <3
    Hugs from Austria, Traude

  16. I am looking for a Ritta Christiansen.

  17. Hienot kuvat ja niin kauniita naamioita! Leppoisaa Pyhäinpäivä viikonloppua❤️


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