18 lokakuuta 2020

T in die neue Woche

I participated in Nova’s T in die neue Woche in October 2019 for the first time. I tried to look my posts to find out whether I have published these arches before, but did not find. Anyway, no one remembers the old posts, right? During this odd year I am starting to run short of photos because being mostly at home there is not much to photograph. 

Last autumn I made a gorgeous trip to Florence. We had then no idea of the coming pandemic. This park with beautiful arches was found on a steep hill near the Boboli Gardens - my post about it HERE. I walked there early one Sunday morning and the view over Florence was breathtaking ❤︎

#all seasons #der natur donnerstag #digitalart dienstag #gartenglück 
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  1. I still remember your trip to Florence and I am still enthusiastic about it. It’s such a beautiful park and the hedge with the gates in it. Oh my gosh, what a job to cut it so accurately all the time.

    And you are right, the view is really breathtaking. Thanks for sharing with us and for the linking at the T.

    Wishing you a sunny and awsome sunday I am sending greetings over to your place


    1. Have a sunny day Nova. Here it is a rainy day - but no snow in sight!!!

  2. Dear Riita,
    I don't know if you've shown it yet. I enjoyed looking at them.
    Don't you go out at all, around the corner or in the church or in your car?
    Fear is not a good advisor, you can get out but only at home forever, no, I won't do that.
    But everyone has to know for himself what he is doing.
    All the best and best regards Eva

    1. Hello Eva,

      When I said that I have been 'mostly at home', I meant in the neighbourhood. Somehow this summer I have had no desire to photograph my surroundings, everything seems so ordinary :) Maybe the photographing enthusiasm returns... Thank you for your comment, have a lovely Sunday.

    2. I can understand that, sometimes I don't feel like it. But you will have this desire again.
      Large trips will probably no longer be possible in the near future. I don't mind, but a lot of other people, especially the people who make a living from tourism.

      Greetings Eva

  3. Se ve precioso. Besos.

  4. sehr schön sieht das aus
    und das sind die Bilder die man sich im Herzen aufbewahrt

    aber manchmal muss man seine Umgeben so anschauen als ob man fremd wäre
    und dann entdeckt man oft vieles was man übersieht
    weil man es immer vor Augen hat

    liebe Grüße


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