06 lokakuuta 2020

Variegated Norway Maple

My blog friend Astrid has this linkup Mein Freund der Baum  / Tree, my Friend. 
New linkup opens on the last Sunday of the month.

The site Borealforest.org says about Finland the following - plus a lot of information about our forests:

"Finland is Europe's most heavily-forested country.  Forests cover 23 million hectares or 74.2% of the land area. In Europe, Finland is a "forest giant", there being over sixteen times more forest per capita than in European countries on average. Finland's forests have been intensively harvested over the last few decades. Despite the loss of land after the last wars, its forest reserves are now greater than ever before in the 20th century, and they are continuing to grow."

We Finns love our forests and trees, so I have no greater worries, not yet. This beautiful Variegated Norway Maple - Acer platanoides ’Drummondii’ grows in a neighbour’s garden. The photos were taken in early summer and I leave you some information found online:

"An unusual and interesting variety that makes a great landscape focal point; a dense shade tree known for a well shaped crown and straight trunk; green and white foliage changes to yellow with a tinge of pink in the fall. Drummondii is a medium-sized, deciduous tree to around 15m tall with a dense, rounded crown. Its deeply-lobed, variegated leaves have a green centre and broad, creamy-white margins. Clusters of yellow flowers open on the bare stems in spring before the leaves appear."

Auf deutsch Weißgerandeter Spitzahorn

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  1. Wow, das hat das Land wirklich gut gemacht, sich so nach den Kriegen um die Wälder zu kümmern! Das ist sehr weitsichtig gewesen!
    Den schönen Weißgerandeten Spitzahorn habe ich hier noch nicht bewusst wahrgenommen. Danke fürs Vorstellen!
    Alles Liebe!

  2. ...I sold a lot of these during my time in the nursery business, but they are no genetically stable and revert back to solid green. Now they look nice they are nice, when they aren't they aren't!!!

  3. It’s beautiful to read that the tree population is still there and the norwegian people love their forests and trees. It’s so important^^

    Till today the norway maple was unknown to me. Thank you for showing and introducing to us. It looks beautiful and the yellow coloration is fantastic.

    Greetings and hugs to you. Have a hopefully sunny and beautiful day


  4. Maples are fine trees. They start getting red among the first in autumn.

  5. Nice to see you with Astrid too,
    I really like your challenge!
    Your pictures are impressive.

  6. Liebe Riitta,
    ich finde panachierte Blätter sehr schön, besonders die mit Gelb- oder Weißtönen. Das frischt den Garten auf und ist ein toller Kontrast zu anderen dunkellaubigen Pflanzen. Es grüßt Dich herzlich


  7. Beautiful when they are variegated. Have a great day.

  8. Wow! I've never seen one of those so thanks for sharing with us!

    I'm happy to see your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!!

  9. Como ciudadano del mundo, agradezco, admiro y aplaudo esa actitud que tenéis los finlandeses, sobre el amor y respeto a la madre naturaleza. Y ojalá cundiera el ejemplo en muchos países, sobre todo en América del Sur, por el bien de la humanidad.
    Una preciosa entrada, Riitta.
    Un abrazo.

    1. Gracias Manuel por tu comentario,

      Crecí en el campo y el respeto por la naturaleza se heredó en los genes. La agricultura & ganadería fueron las principales maneras de ganar la vida vida antes de que se fuera el desarrollo de la tecnología. Los antiguos finlandeses tenían árboles y bosques sagrados. La industria forestal y sus exportaciones han sido y siguen siendo extremadamente importantes para Finlandia. Hoy, la industria forestal representa el 20% de las exportaciones totales del país, en el pasado 90 %. Tenemos 40 parques nacionales y grandes bosques intactos. Lo que pasa en Sudamerica y Brazil es horrible y tiene sus impactos al cambio climático como todos sabemos.

      Abrazos, ten cuidado.

  10. I’m happy to know that Finns love their forests and trees. I do too.

  11. Me encantan los árboles.

  12. ein wunderschöner Baum

    liebe Grüße


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