30 kesäkuuta 2022

Colourful Summer!

Wonderful weather has continued and I have enjoyed my life to the fullest.
The blooming of perennials does not last long in this heat and sun, but there will be 
others to follow. I’ll share with you some flowers that are in bloom right now.

When we moved here 22 years ago this Dictamnus albus was small. I thought
it was a blueberry bush 😏 I have replanted it a couple of times but it has always stayed small.
This summer, however, it looks great, has grown well and blooms with many spikes.

Physocarpus opulifolius ’Diabolo’ shrubs bloom abundantly ❤️
I have many big shrubs as they self seed and I get new plants.

The kitties have siesta all day long inside the house, where air conditioner cools the air.
We go out late in the evening and early in the morning.

The weather in Finland will cool a bit on Sunday and even longed for rain is forecast.
Still two sunny days to enjoy. Wishing Sunny Summer Days!


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27 kesäkuuta 2022

Sunny Marine Helsinki ❤︎

Helsinki is called the Pearl of the Baltic Sea, and well deserves this praise. The city is surrounded by abundant waterfronts of The Gulf of Finland. The first photo shows the market place and behind it the Helsinki Cathedral and presidential residence that is now used for official purposes.  Since 1993 Mäntyniemi (Helsinki) has been the president’s winter residence and Kultaranta (Naantali) his summer residence. 

In Kaivopuisto Park there is a popular promenade & gathering place with sun, 
boats and marine feeling - and delicious icecream & cafés.

The original Götheborg / Gothenburg, a trading vessel that belonged to the Swedish 
East India Company, sank in 1745. A full-scale replica Götheborg II was completed 
in 2005-2007 and was on a visit to Helsinki and anchored besides the Market Place.
 The ship is the world’s largest wooden ocean-going sailing vessel in service. 
More about this stunning vessel in a future post.

Wishing Sunny Summer Days!


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26 kesäkuuta 2022

Colour Collage 26/2022

Wishing Sunny Summer Days!


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24 kesäkuuta 2022

Friday Bliss #197 - Midsummer Mix

It's summer, it's Midsummer and the gorgeous Nordic night.
Happiness and joy in people’s minds, because of
this fascinating magic of nightless night.

The Summer Solstice occured this year on Tuesday, the 21st of June. But today we celebrate in Finland Midsummer’s Eve and the nightless nightIn Lapland the sun does not set at all from June 15 till July 1. In Helsinki region the sun sets for only about 4 hours - so the night is short also here!

This Midsummer we are going to have splendid weather - up till 30 C and sunshine. It feels wonderful, as awckward it may seem the Midsummer weather is often cool and rainy in Finland. I’ll have family members visiting and we’ll have dinner on the terrace.

The whole week has been gorgeous, warm and sunny. Many perennials and rose shrubs are in bloom and I have done this and that in the garden. My Midsummer bouquet was made with peonies, aquilegias, hemerocallis etc.

Green was the silence, wet was the light, the month of June trembled like a butterfly.
- Pablo Neruda

Summertime is always the best of what might be.
- Charles Bowden

Wishing you a wonderful Midsummer weekend!


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20 kesäkuuta 2022

Lush & Green

The topic of Makrotex this week is GREEN.
I have hundreds of green photos, here some new, some from the June archives.
I like different foliage shades and forms.

Wishing Sunny Summer Days!


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19 kesäkuuta 2022

Colour Collage 25/2022

Wishing colorful Sunday!


#colour collage #der natur donnerstag #gartenglück #image-in-ing #krapu 
#makrotex  #mosaic monday #my corner of the world #tuesday's treasures