31 tammikuuta 2022

My January in Collage

Weatherwise January offered very fluctuating weather - frost & plus grades, 
cloudy days and sunshine, snowfall & rain. Till this last weekend we had a decent amount of snow,
no threat to be buried in this white stuff, but the weekend showed the strenghth of winter:
Strong winds & over 40 cm new snow - but we are fine!
The month passed quickly in a semi hibernating mood, so glad February is here!
I shared with you some memories & sightseeings from last September. 

Beautiful Sister Love, Selma & Silva

Wishing you a good start to February!

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30 tammikuuta 2022

Color Collage

This week we have five Värisilmä’s interior paint shades to choose from. 
Choose as many you like, or all.

Krapu w 5 - Maajussi / Farmer


Serkkupoikani Ville on maajussi Pohjois-Karjalasta, sinkku, ilman emäntää. Sukupolvenvaihdoksen jälkeen hän hoitaa lehmiään yksin. Luulisi, että kolmekymppisellä ja komealla isännällä olisi vientiä, mutta jokapäiväinen lannanhaju ei ole nuoria naisia houkutteleva tulevaisuuden visio. He haluavat kaupunkiin ja siisteihin sisätöihin.

Kun kävin Villeä kesällä tervehtimässä, minua ällötti satojen kärpästen pörräys tuvassa. Luulen, että isännän lannanhajuiset vaatteet niitä tuovat. Kärpäslätkällä olisi totisesti ollut töitä!

Hyvällä huumorillaan Ville pärjää tilallaan hyvin, vaikka EU-viidakko ja loputon paperisota ärsyttävät. Onneksi on lomittajia, ja joka talvi Villen matkareitti viekin etelään viikoksi tai pariksi. Siellä hän pääsee kehoonsa pinttyneestä lannanhajusta ja niillä muistoilla jaksaa taas hoitaa mansikkejaan. 

100 sanan krapuhaastetta vetää SusuPetal. 
Viikon 5 krapusanat ovat lätkä, pärjätä, reitti.
Crab is a 100 word Finnish writing challenge. 
Words for the week 5 are (fly)swatter, do well, itinerary.

My cousin Ville is farmer from North Karelia, single, without a wife. After the generational change, he takes care of his cows alone. One would think that a handsome young man would have  success among women, but the everyday smell of manure is not an attractive vision for the future for young women. They want the city and the tidy office jobs.

When I went to greet Ville in the summer, I was horrified by the buzz of hundreds of flies in the living room. I think Ville’s manure-smelling clothes bring them. The flyswatter would have a lot of job to do! 

With his good humor, Ville is doing well on his farm, despite the annoying EU jungle and endless paper war. Fortunately, there are stand-in people, and every winter his itinerary takes him south for a week or two. There he gets rid of the manure-smell stuck in his body and with these memories he has the strenght to take care of his cows again.

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29 tammikuuta 2022

Ahead of the Valtteri Storm

My garden looked this morning a pieceful Winter Wonderland. But as I am writing this at noon, the winds are already rising. Finland will be hit by the worst snowstorm of the winter on Saturday. The Valtteri storm with strong winds will disturb the traffic conditions seriously. It can snow here in Uusimaa / Helsinki area 30-40 centimeters and the temperature fluctuates near zero. The plowing equipment is not able to clean roads and streets very quickly.  I read on the news that there are storms elsewhere in Europe and the United States, too.

I don’t have to go grocery shopping, so I’ll stay warm and cosy inside. I’ll tell later how the storm affected my area. Obviously it will take a long, long time until the first snowdrops appear!

UPDATE on Mondy morning:
Over 40 cm new snow, no damages at my place, everything is fine.
Sending warm winter wishes over to you.

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#makrotex / beautiful  #mosaic monday #my corner of the world #tuesday's treasures 

28 tammikuuta 2022

Friday Bliss #176 - Tulips in the Sun

I bought two bunches of tulips at Lidl, even if I can’t keep them on the sofa table 
because of the kittens. They looked very dry and I thought they would wither without opening.
But I was wrong, they opened beautifully and looked charming in the winter sun.
It has been a quiet week. The sidewalks continue to be very slippery.

I have watched the Australian Open and listened to audiobooks.
Agatha christie offers even today relaxing murder mysteries. I listened these two:
Murder in Orient Express **** & Lord Edgware Dies *****

Wishing you a bright & sunny winter weekend!

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25 tammikuuta 2022

Keeping the Paws Dry

Don't you even think that we're would get our paws wet!
It is sunny and bright allright, but there are puddles and ice on the ground. 
So we think it's better to watch the birds throughout the window.

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21 tammikuuta 2022

Friday Bliss #175 - Botanical Garden of Ruissalo

Today I’ll take you to The Botanical Garden of the University of Turku, that I visited last September.

The garden is maintained by the University of Turku on the island of Ruissalo and it covers a collection of about 5,000 different species and varieties of plants, of which more than 2,000 are in six big greenhouses. Greenhouses include a succulent greenhouse, an araucaria room, a winter garden, the New World tropics, the old world tropics and the Mediterranean climate. 

The primary function of the botanical garden is to assist in the research and teaching of the Department of Biology, but it is also open to the public and is visited by about 40,000 visitors annually. The current greenhouses in the garden were designed by architect Jarmo Saarinen in 1998.

Inside the greenhouses there was a real moist jungle and the paths were narrow.
I saw a few parrots and admired the green and lush exotic plants.

I had never seen giant water lilies before!

Around the greenhouses there was a big park with centuries old oaks.
The climate of the area favours oaks that grow and selfseed there.
Each plant had labels and one could have spent there for hours.

Outside there were large areas of annuals, fruit trees and roses.

Wishing a great winter weekend!

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17 tammikuuta 2022

Beautiful Sister Love

Beautiful sister love:
They wrestle fiercely and even bite each other. They chase one another as if the other was 
an enemy or pray. But then they sleep in the other’s armpit and lick lovingly the other’s ears.
❤︎ Selma & Silva ❤︎

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16 tammikuuta 2022

Krapu w 3 - Dear Seniors...

Arvoisat seniorit,

Pari sanaa jalkakäytävistä. Täällähän ne ovat yleensä sileitä ja teille turvallisia köpötellä, mutta tilannehan on dramaattisesti toinen talvella: päivystykset pullistelevat murtuneita nilkkoja, ranteita ja lonkkia. En halua pelotella, mutta suositan, että ette mene ulos ollenkaan ennen kuin kevät koittaa.

Lentäkää etelään, tosin sielläkin on riskinsä - jalkakäytävät ovat kapeita ja epätasaisia. Kaikkein oudoimmat ja vaarallisimmat jalkakäytävät löytyvät Italiasta: leveyttä puoli metriä ja pinta monttuja täynnä. Kotivankeuden edessä kannattaa silti uhmata koronaa ja peruutettuja lentoja, joten annan turvallisen matkan vinkin: mukaan ainoastaan lenkkarit! Juhla-asu ja lenkkarit ovat tuttu näky Euroopassa, joten sulaudutte vaivatta joukkoon.

Tervetuloa takaisin hengissä ja luut ehjinä!


100 sanan krapuhaastetta vetää SusuPetal. 
Viikon 3 krapusanat ovat jalkakäytävä, outo, sulautua.

Crab is a 100 word Finnish writing challenge. 
Words for the week 3 are sidewalk, freaky, blend in.

Dear seniors,

A few words about the sidewalks. Here they are usually smooth and safe for you lumber, but the situation is dramatically different in the winter: the emergency services bulge broken ankles, wrists and hips. I don’t want to scare you, but I recommend that you don’t go out at all until the spring comes. 
Fly south, although there are risks too - the sidewalks are narrow and uneven. The freakiest and most dangerous sidewalks can be found in Italy: half a meter wide and full of pits. In the face of house arrest, it’s still worth defying the pandemic and canceled flights, so I’ll give you a tip for a safe trip: take along only sneakers! Formal wear and sneakers are a familiar sight in Europe, so you can easily blend in the crowd. 
Welcome back alive and bones intact!
#der natur donnerstag #gartenglück #image-in-ing #krapu 
#makrotex / beautiful  #mosaic monday #my corner of the world #tuesday's treasures

Soft & Warm Colors

The shades of Värisilmä's interior paints this week are Morning fresh & Daisy.

14 tammikuuta 2022

Friday Bliss #174 - Palander House

It’s Friday again, dear blog friends and today I’ll take you to a small home museum in Hämeenlinna that we visited in the autumn when we went to see Selma and Silva for the first time.

Built in 1861, the Palander House is a home museum located in the center of Hämeenlinna. The museum presents the way of life and urban living of the middle-class bourgeoisie in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In addition to the main exhibition, the museum has two seasonal exhibitions each year: Christmas and Easter. 

The October Saturday was quiet in the museum, only one visitor in addition to me and DH. I found it interesting to see the house, furniture and indoor decoration style. In this museum there was not much art or paintings, but still it was worth a visit.

This room was decorated in Art Deco or Jugend style.

Wishing a great winter weekend!

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