29 tammikuuta 2022

Ahead of the Valtteri Storm

My garden looked this morning a pieceful Winter Wonderland. But as I am writing this at noon, the winds are already rising. Finland will be hit by the worst snowstorm of the winter on Saturday. The Valtteri storm with strong winds will disturb the traffic conditions seriously. It can snow here in Uusimaa / Helsinki area 30-40 centimeters and the temperature fluctuates near zero. The plowing equipment is not able to clean roads and streets very quickly.  I read on the news that there are storms elsewhere in Europe and the United States, too.

I don’t have to go grocery shopping, so I’ll stay warm and cosy inside. I’ll tell later how the storm affected my area. Obviously it will take a long, long time until the first snowdrops appear!

UPDATE on Mondy morning:
Over 40 cm new snow, no damages at my place, everything is fine.
Sending warm winter wishes over to you.

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18 kommenttia:

  1. Teillä on siellä enemmän lunta kuin täällä.
    Tuuli on todellakin noussut, ikkunoissa vinkuu ja vetää.
    Pysytään sisällä!

    1. Kauhulla odotan tulevia lumitöitä. Tämä määrä lunta riittäisi jo.

  2. ...a beautiful winter wonderland.

  3. We visited Salo on business this morning and it was almost water there, but here in Somero it is definitely snow ❄.
    We will see what comes.
    Let's try to enjoy anyway.

    1. I am watching Swan Lake on television. This ballet keeps me from thinking the snowstorm!

  4. Dear Riitta!
    Beautiful winter views. I don't have much snow, but there were two sunny days during the week.
    Now an alert has been issued. Hurricane is coming.
    Have a nice weekend:)

  5. Hallo Riita,
    herzlichen Dank für deinen Kommentar bei mir
    Sehr schöne Schneebilder, wir hatten keinen und es wird auch keiner mehr kommen und ich bin aber auch froh darüber. Jetzt brauche ich keinen mehr.
    Ich freue mich auf morgen und auf einen hoffentlich sonnigen Radltag.

    Grüße Eva und habe ein schönes Wochenende

    1. Liebe Eva,
      Ich habe auch genug vom Schnee, aber was sollte ich tun!
      Ich wünsche dir eine schöne Radtour!

  6. Draga Riitta,
    Aceste frumoase poze sunt pentru mine! Iubesc iarna... pe timp de iarna! Pare o iarna de poveste (nu si furtuna)!

    1. Hello Mia,
      When I took these photos it was calm, but yesterday it was really storming!

  7. Wow, what a winterwonderland and so much snow. That's really intense, even if it looks beautiful. I keep my fingers crossed that the storm does no damage, especially no power outage.

    Our Teide area also has snow again, always funny people laying at the playa and up there is traffic chaos because most Tinerfeños wants to go up.

    So, stay inside, make yourself cosy with your purring beauties and have a good sunday

    Greetings and hugs


    1. It is Winter Wonderland with a LOT of new snow. This Sunday morning there is a moment without snowing. But it will start again in the afternoon and will continue till Wednesday. So far we are ok.

    2. Good to hear and I hope it will stay...crossing my fingers


  8. Hello Riitta,
    What beautiful photos of freshly fallen snow. I imagine the wind will have changed all that. Hope you are safe and cozy and warm inside. Take care.

  9. That is a huge amount of snow. Hope you don't need to go out at all this week! Take care and stay warm!

  10. Wow, Riitta - that is a lot of snow. Glad that you had no damage and that you remained warm and cozy in your home. We have had snow off and on today, but nothing near that amount ... tomorrow's high will be 13 degrees F - brrrr. Thanks for sharing your winter wonderland with everyone at Mosaic Monday!


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