30 maaliskuuta 2017

Late March Views

EDIT on Friday morning to Fast Five on Friday, 2 extra photos: We have a saying

Happiness is unequally distributed.
That is so true considering many things, and also considering the outburst of spring.
Here is the evidence: it has snowed the whole night and is still snowing - again!
And I thought the spring had come to Finland as well.
But I was so wrong, so wrong!

So far practically no new growth in the garden.
Only purple hellebores that always turned a bit unsharp, but inside branches make leaves.
I have started raking. It's lovely to be outside longer now!

My pond is still covered with snow...

But the sky was blue!

March is soon over, so happy April!

28 maaliskuuta 2017

Floral Bliss #14

The red velvet rose that my husband bought me started to wither.
So I experimented with it a bit and this is what I got.
To add the dramatic effect I chose black misty borders.

After all this drama here some Spring Euforia!

Olisi tosi kiva nähdä sinunkin kuviasi täällä - Tule mukaan!
Please, come and join - share your Floral Bliss with me and the others!
Simply Anything Living or related to Botanics!

Iloista kevätaikaa!- Wishing you a happy springtime!

27 maaliskuuta 2017

Mustaa - Black

The Makrotex Challenge asks us to photograph BLACK this week. 
I have plenty of black clothes & accessories, so I photographed some.

Hai(na)ku is a poem that consists of three lines.
One word on the 1st, two on the 2nd and three on the 3rd.

Hai(na)ku on runo, jossa on kolme riviä.
Ensimmäisellä rivillä yksi sana, toisella kaksi ja kolmannella kolme.

Awakening / new sprouts / hope under arm.
Heräävät / vihreät versot / uusi toivo kainalossaan.

Makrotex Challenge

Kivaa viikkoa! - Happy week!

25 maaliskuuta 2017

Flowers in Black & White

It's so long I last participated in The Black & White Weekend!
This is how my tulips and a rose look in B&W - wishing you all a great weekend!

23 maaliskuuta 2017

Spring Euforia

It comes every spring. A day when you kind of awaken from a bear's winter sleep.
I had today my awakening moment. The scent of spring in the air and bright sunshine!

1. I want this snow away from my terrace!
I want to put the table and chairs to their place so I chopped the thick snow layers 
into small peaces and think that by tomorrow they have gone.

2. The growth has started!
Here is the evidence. It is every year so astonishing to see how vigorous the plants are.
As soon they pop up from under the snow they start to grow.

3. Decorating the terrace
Probably this Tete à Tete pot shall freeze, but I couldn't  help it....

4. Sowing the herbs
I noticed that my thyme has survived the winter in a splendid state!
I'll sow different basilica varieties very soon onto the window sill...

5. The wood pigeons have arrived!
Wood pigeons are so cute, I love them. Had to content with photos from the last year.

I have had some tiny decorations inside too...
Have you read Hanya Yanagihara's novel A little Life?
In my opinion it was good alright, but oh how violent & disgusting!

Linking with
Mosaic Monday

I'll add here some spring green and my weekly Hai(na)ku.

Awakening, spring sprouts, hope under arm

Wishing you all a wonderful & happy spring!

21 maaliskuuta 2017

Floral Bliss #13

This week I invite you to have a cup of spring with me!
Kuppi kevättä - ole hyvä!

But the cold truth is that the winter continues and there are no signs of spring
to be seen in the garden - only moss has appeared from under the snow.
Kevät etenee tuskastuttavan hitaasti...

A pot of Tete à Tete was extremely difficult to photograph
because the flower heads look wherever they want!
So I made a tiny cup of spring for you - have a taste!
Tete à Tete kenkkuili kanssani! - Siispä tein kevätkupposen sinulle ❤︎

This is the only green that can be seen!

Olisi tosi kiva nähdä sinunkin kuviasi täällä - Tule mukaan!

Please, come and join - share your Floral Bliss with me and the others!
Simply Anything Living or related to Botanics 
not only flowers but also
* Wild plants & landscapes * Cut flowers, bouquets, dried flowers
* Manipulated photos, mosaics, floral art

All previous Floral Bliss

Iloista kevätaikaa!- Wishing you a happy springtime!

20 maaliskuuta 2017

Signs of Spring

Makrotex Challenge - Signs of Spring - Kevään merkkejä

Vähissäpä ovat vielä kevään merkit!
Outside there are practically not yet any signs of spring. Only that moss can be seen!
We have sill a lot of snow... Maybe in a couple of weeks...

Sepelkyyhkyt ovat palanneet! Eilen näin kolme muuttomatkasta väsynyttä. Kuva kesältä 2016.
Wood pigeons have arrived! Yesterday I saw three tired from the journey. Photo from last summer.

Wishing you a sunny week!