17 maaliskuuta 2017

Five on Friday

You can't believe me! As I write this post early on Friday morning it is blowing and snowing. Yesterday we had wonderful sunshine - maybe again tomorrow. There are no signs of spring yet. Here my random five. Click to Amy's last Five on Friday and see what the others have been up to!

1. Literature at Savoy Helsinki
On Wednesday evening we had the last evening of this spring. On the stage there were fabulous women who all broke the tight boundaries with which the society wants to press women: an appreciated writer - Katja, a member of parlament, the Afganistan born Nasima, a former minister - the one who was minister nearly 4000 days - Sinikka, a marketing & media person - Lenita! And the lady who stole my heart - the actress Bisse Birgitta Ulffson, 88 years but still going strong. She is at the bottom left reciting a Moomin poem by Tove Jansson. Click for more photos & story.

2. John Williams - Augustus
Augustus was just released in Finnish. It was a fabulous book and a tragic journey to Ancient Rome. I have read also Stoner & Butcher's Crossing, all hits here in Finland. Click for my reviews.

3. Adam Johnson
A friend of mine recommended me his short story collection Fortune Smiles. I read it in English and found it really good. The Orphan Master's Son has been translated into Finnish. This novel was rewarded with Pulitzer price in 2013. A great thriller based in North Korea! Click for my reviews.

4. Photographing
I participate weekly in the Makrotex Challenge. This week the topic was flower. I had some orange parrot tulips and made a mosaic out of them.

5. My little rascal
It is now news how my cat Sissi behaves. But here is the evidence. I wrote a Haiku poem about her teasing me. But maybe the syllables are not quite right in English.

Your pretty flowers 
are so vain, so vain!
Enjoy while you can
for I'll eat them up!

Anyway - wishing you sunny & beautiful March days!

17 kommenttia:

  1. Naisenergiaa lavalla - no, olihan siellä yksi mieskin. :) Jossain luin todella mielenkiintoisen haastattelun ihanasta Birgitta Ulfssonista.
    Oranssit papukaijat ovat upeita ja viimeinen kuva Sissistä tuhoamassa niitä on aivan huikea. :)
    Valoisaa viikonloppua!

    1. Taisto Oksanen oli lavalla lausujan ominaisuudessa :) Birgitta Ulfsson oli käsittämättömän upea. Mikä karisma ja lavan haltuunotto! Ja tuossa iässä - wau!

  2. Another busy week for you Riitta. The literacy evening in Helsinki sounds fascinating. Have a good weekend. B x

  3. Thanks Riitta. Good job you have some great books and entertainment indoors with snow still on the ground. Have a good weekend.

  4. Wonderful photos. Love the ones of the flowers and your cat. I'm still waiting for Spring here too.

    Happy Five on Friday

  5. Alakuvasta tulisi upea taulu, mahtava kuva!

  6. Hope the snow disappears soon and you have more sunny weather, the ladies at your literary evening all sound wonderful. The parrot tulips are so beautiful and so is Sissy even though she would like to devour your tulips, Have a happy weekend:)

  7. A wonderful evening for all women!
    Ancient history is so intriguing & this must be so interesting!
    Lovely orange tulips & nice to see your pretty kitty.

  8. What gorgeous tulips. I love them and I always think it's a wonderful sign of spring when they arrive at the flower shop.

  9. First off, I LOVE CATS...I'm very partial to kitties,an yours is beautiful. [terrific haiku]

    The flower collage of tulips is nice...love the color.

  10. Pretty tulips and your furry friend is very pretty, too! Looks like a wonderful evening. Happy Friday!

  11. I love your mosaic of the parrot tulips, they are such a wonderful colour. I hope your little cat dud not eat them all!

  12. Muy lindo todo. Besitos.

  13. Upean paahteisen oransseja tulppaaneja. Niin herkullisen värisiä, että Sissin oli ihan pakko ilmeisesti saada maistella :-D Ihastuttavia kuvia.

  14. Sissi seems like a loveable rogue :) hope you had a wonderful weekend

  15. Take heart, snow cannot withstand the coming of spring! Your orange tulips make a wonderful mosaic. Literature and lectures along with flowers make for a good week.

  16. Sissi and your haiku are delightful!


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