21 maaliskuuta 2017

Floral Bliss #13

This week I invite you to have a cup of spring with me!
Kuppi kevättä - ole hyvä!

But the cold truth is that the winter continues and there are no signs of spring
to be seen in the garden - only moss has appeared from under the snow.
Kevät etenee tuskastuttavan hitaasti...

A pot of Tete à Tete was extremely difficult to photograph
because the flower heads look wherever they want!
So I made a tiny cup of spring for you - have a taste!
Tete à Tete kenkkuili kanssani! - Siispä tein kevätkupposen sinulle ❤︎

This is the only green that can be seen!

Olisi tosi kiva nähdä sinunkin kuviasi täällä - Tule mukaan!

Please, come and join - share your Floral Bliss with me and the others!
Simply Anything Living or related to Botanics 
not only flowers but also
* Wild plants & landscapes * Cut flowers, bouquets, dried flowers
* Manipulated photos, mosaics, floral art

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Iloista kevätaikaa!- Wishing you a happy springtime!

24 kommenttia:

  1. Oh my God!
    Riitta is a great arrangement.
    I am delighted. Your pictures are perfect.

    1. A little arrangement of spring :) I so wish the snow melts and it gets warm

  2. Catkins! Oh how beautiful! They totally remind me of my childhood. I loved them!

  3. Such a sweet spring arrangement, Riitta! Lovely to see the catkins! x K

  4. Dearest ritta K;  Oh, I really enjoyed the arrangement of the " cup of spring" from you(♡^.^♡)  I love the way Pussy Willow(I believe) enhancing the charm of the cup with yellow daffodil♪ We still turn on the heater in the morning and evening; longing for the spring warmth p;-)
    Have a wonderful rest of the week and Thank you so much for hosting.
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako* 

    1. Hello my positive Japan friend! Your comments always make my day ❤︎ Happy weekend!

  5. Wonderful shots. Thank you, Riitta for sharing your cup of spring with me. Have a lovely day!

  6. Hello Riitta, just visiting your lovely blog from way down here at the bottom of the world. Thank you for the opportunity of joining your fun link party Love your photos....all sing the most glorious song of Spring.

    1. It's amazing how the bogland connects people. Happy to get to know you!

  7. What a lovely arrangement, darling Riitta, so you're also enjoying the very first Spring days despite the cold of your Land, I'm truly glad for you !

    Thank you for sharing your always so lovely photos and for hosting, sweet friend,
    enjoy your day with peace and gladness

    XO Dany

  8. Maravillosas. Feliz primavera.

  9. Posting for the first time. Your lovely pics have provided me new ideas. Thanks.Pl.Have a look at my spring blooms.

  10. Hauska haaste ja kuvasi ovat todella kauniita ja omaperäisiä. Tykkään tosi paljon :-)))

  11. Pretty! I love spring!

  12. Eipä ihme, että pajunkissoja sanotaan kissoiksi, ovat ne niin ihanan pehmoisia. Alin pajunkissakuva on suosikkini, valoisa ja pehmeä. <3
    Aurinkoista torstaita!
    P.S. Kiitos kommentistasi! En minäkään juuri vaaleanpunaiseen pukeudu, mutta jokin pinkki huivi tai t-paita kyllä piristää. :)

  13. I would love to join you for tea Riitta and I'm sure it wont be long before you too are basking in some much needed spring sunshine.
    I love pussy willows and catkins a true sign that spring has arrived.
    Have a wonderful forthcoming weekend :)x

  14. Tosi kauniit kuvat, keväiset narsissit ja suloiset pajunkissat! Kiitos vinkistäsi, linkitin nyt tulppaanitorstai-postaukseni tänne. Keväistä loppuviikkoa!

  15. Such a clever idea to photograph these bright flowers. Spring has to be close by!

    1. Daniela, Teresa, Uppal, Uuna, Linda, Sara, Prunella, Tiiu & Betty! y
      You all make me happy with your comments, the bogland really connects people from all over the world ❤︎ It is great to have you as my friends.

  16. Thanks for sharing your cup of spring with me!So Beautiful!!


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