16 heinäkuuta 2019

Stylish Garden Outfit

Makrotex - aiheena vaatteet. Kukat ovat kauniita, mutta puutarhatyö on raakaa hommaa:
mullassa likaantuu ja vaatteet kuluvat. Siksi on hyvä valita asuksi ne kamalimmassa kunnossa
olevat lenkkarit ja maalaushommissakin käytetyt farkut. Mitä sitä suotta
puutarhahanskoja tai sekatöörejäkään joka käytön jälkeen pesemään!

Mutta oikeesti: nyt on kivi jatkuvasti kengässä.
Joten taitaa olla aika ottaa käyttöön seuraavaksi huonoin kenkäpari 
ja sanoa näille hyvin palvelleille bye, bye.

Makrotex - the week’s theme is clothes. Flowers are beautiful, but gardening is brutal job:
you get dirty and clothes wear. That's why it is wise to choose sneakers in the worst condition
and jeans used in paint jobs. It is no idea to wash garden gloves or 
pruning shears after each use.

But really: the constant problem is the stone in the shoe.
So it might be the time to take the next worst pair of shoes
and say bye, bye to this well served pair!

Yllätysvieraiden sattuessa paikalle hapsottavan kampauksen pelastaa tietenkin
suht koht puhdas lierihattu ja vähän siistimpi jakku.
Ei silloin kukaan huomaa multaisia farkkuja ja kulahtaneita lenkkareita.

Of course, in the event of surprise guests, the freckling hairstyle & look will be saved
with a somewhat tidy hat and a little cooler jacket.
No one will notice then the worn-out & dirty jeans and sneakers.

Eternal Love - Ewige Liebe

Juttas schlafender Schwan erinnerte mich an treue und ewige Liebe.
Also habe ich ein paar Variationen mit diesen schönen Schwäne gemacht, 
die nebeneinander schlafen.

"Wenn ich aufwache, kann ich nicht anders, als zu lächeln.
Es wird ein guter Tag, einfach weil es mit dir angefangen ist. ”


Jutta’s sleeping swan brought to my mind faithful & ever lasting love.
So I made a few variations with this beautiful swan sleeping side by side.

"When I wake up and see you lying next to me, I can’t help but smile.
It will be a good day simply because it started with you.”

The originals: Jutta's swan & my lansdcape

15 heinäkuuta 2019

Sightseeing: German Church in Helsinki

Deutsche Evangelisch-Lutherische Gemeinde in Finnland is the congregation 
of German speaking population in Finland, having today about 3000 members. 
It belongs to The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. 

The style of German Church from 1864 is Neo-Gothic, 
it is of red brick and was designed by Harald von Bosse ja C. J. von Heideken.

We have celebrated a family wedding in this church.
The day was warm and sunny and the summer at its best when my husband’s son
and his beautiful bride said I do ❤︎ The most popular wedding churches
have to be reserved months in advance.

I made for the bride a simple cascade bridal bouquet of white Phalaenopsis orchids.
It was a bit like this but had more curly grass. Photo: Flowers of the Field

The church is situated in a wealthy part of the city and surrounded by 
beautiful residential houses & a lush green park.

12 heinäkuuta 2019

Taidehalli - Susanne Gottberg

The summer exhibition of Taidehalli The Third Factor includes 
Susanne Gottberg's (b. 1964) stunning glass studies and glazes on plywood, 
as well as this impressive installation At the Same Time Elsewhere 
created together with sculptor Markus Kåhre (b. 1969).

The installation consists of large sized plexiglas paintings hanging from the ceiling. Both sides have been painted describing everyday situations and looked at from a bit different standpoint or a moment later. This installation was very impressive, and the scenes or views of big-sized works (300 x 200 cm) were dreamy. In the dark hall when I passed through these surrealist characters the feeling was unreal or nightmarish. You can think that scenes are flashes from a city, perhaps from Helsinki; simultaneous scenes occur indefinitely. The child is swinging, the mother is waiting at the door, someone is run over by a car ... The idea and implementation of this installation was awesome.

This sympathetic room just called to step inside. The door was invitingly open.

Together 2019 & Together Later in 2019

In her paintings with restrained colour scheme Gottberg focuses on glass studies. Most of us recognize these cheap pressed glasses. Glass has inspired Gottberg to look at shine and reflections. In paintings the glass is alone or one inside the other, washed upside down in big piles ... The backgrounds are restrained, sometimes the glasses have a marimekko-like reflection. The exhibition also featured some objects on plywood boards, where the faults of the wood were perfectly visible.

Gottberg was awarded the Finnish Art Association Ducat Prize in 1991 
and she was elected Young Artist of the Year in 1994.


Friday Bliss #44 - Cool & Rainy Week

The weather has continued cool & rainy. That’s why I have searched joy
 in museums and family gatherings. We have gone sightseeing in Helsinki 
and visited some museums. I’ll tell you later about what I saw.

The garden looks a bit sad now. Everything stays as it is,  a few sunny & warm days 
would be needed... Maybe they'll come in their due time!

 Campanula trachelium in blue and also white are almost done for this year...

Clematis Petit Faucon and Negritjanka are blooming.

10 July we celebrated in Finland the birthday of one of our greatest 
female painters, Helene Schjerfbeck (1862-1946). It is also flag day of visual arts. 
That is why I saw an exhibition of a contemporary, very talented painter, Susanne Gottberg

Wishing happy weekend - stay dry & warm!
- riitta

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10 heinäkuuta 2019

Sightseeing: Navy Celebrating in Helsinki

Svensksund / Ruotsinsalmi is a sound in the Gulf of Finland 
outside the present day city of Kotka.  On 9 and 10 July 1790 the Swedish naval forces 
dealt the Russian fleet a devastating defeat that brought an end to 
the Russo-Swedish War of 1788–90. The battle of Svensksund is the biggest naval battle 
ever fought in the Baltic Sea: 500 ships, over 30,000 men and several thousand cannons. 
It qualifies among the largest naval battles in history in terms of the number of vessels involved.

Finland was at that time part of Sweden, and this day 9th July is a navy celebration day 
in both countries. In Helsinki the celebration took place around the Market Place / Kauppatori. 
The public could visit the warships, listen to the navy’s orchestra, try shooting and 
stroll in the middle of young handsome men in uniforms. 
The queues were so long that I did not go inside the ships, but grandson surely did!

 It was a grey day, fortunately no rain.
The Market Place and the whole centrum was packed with tourists.
A lovely small sightseeing experience with the family.

09 heinäkuuta 2019

Makrotex - Celebrating July

... strawberries and delicious & healthy breakfasts...

... fragrance of roses....

... late blooming peonies...

... the joy of new blooms opening nearly every day ...

... short sightseeing visits around ...

... and escaping to museums on rainy days..