19 tammikuuta 2019

My Walking Routes

 In the middle of this white winter world, maybe one can remember summer!
At about 15 minutes drive from my home I can go to a kind of wilderness.
The Kuusijärvi - Spruce Lake recreational area is very popular with good paths, beach,
sauna, beautiful lake and lovely old trees. Here a few glimpses from earlier summers.

Even our outdoor girl Sissi loves to walk there.


Heute besteht mein Glück aus Sommererinnerungen und Sommerfotos.

18 tammikuuta 2019

Friday Bliss #19 - Kukkien turvakoti

I bought this huge lantern before Christmas, and it certainly comes in need.
It is on a table where Sissi takes her nap - and is sometimes furious scratching
because the flowers are behind glass out of her reach.
HERE the lantern with white Christmas flowers.


Somewhere under the snow and ice, in the land of icicles 
the spring is waiting for new becoming...

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!
- riitta

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16 tammikuuta 2019

The Sun Makes All the Difference

The winter can be beautiful too. Today we have a fantastic winter day: 
blue sky, pure snow, sunshine and about -6 C.
It’s better to enjoy this because tomorrow a terrible snow storm shall
sweep over the southern Finland. It is forecast 20 cm new snow!

I wonder why the birds don’t eat the abundant rosehips of Rosa glauca...

I wish I were on my way somewhere, too...

Wishing a lovely Wednesday dear friends!
- riitta

14 tammikuuta 2019

Kuivaa - Dry

Pieni Lintu’s Makrotex Challenge asks to photograph something DRY.
I have dry withering tulip petals & some seedheads found in the middle of the snow.

Wishing a lovely winter week!
- riitta

12 tammikuuta 2019

Animalistic Proverbs

Every nation has its own proverb treasures. I gathered here some of ours
combining animals to common wisdom. The translations don’t show the hilarious dialects
from different parts of Finland. Maybe you have similar ones... Hope you’ll enjoy!
Ananas & Kookos - Pineapple & Cocos by my daughter-in-law Elli.

An old dog doesn’t bark lies. - An old dog barks not in vain.
Ei vanha koira valetta hauku.
A barking dog does not bite. - Haukkuva koira ei pure.

The dog and wife must obey. - Kyllä koiran pitää totella ja vaimon. (Kittilä) 
See my post from 2017 - Puppy Happiness 

Who’s going to raise the cat’s tail if not the cat itself?
Kukas kissan hännän nostaa, jos ei se itte? (Mäntsälä)

Even horseshit is good when fried with butter.
Hevoossontakin on hyvää, kun sen vois paistaa. (Lapua)
Rooster is poor man’s clock. - Kukko on kööhän kello. (Heinola)

Miss summer and flies, the poor man would have friends.
Tulis kesä ja kärpäsiä, sais köyhäkiin seuraa. (Hollola) 

In SAUNA you must behave like in church. 
Saunas täytty olla ku kirkos. (Kisko) 
If SAUNA and booze and tarr do not help, the disease is deadly.
Jos ei sauna ja viina ja terva auta, nin se tauti on kuolemaksi. (Hyvinkää)

Wish there would always be evening and Saturday and never morning and Monday!
Kun aina olis ehtoo ja lauantai eikä koskaan aamu ja maanantai! (Seinäjoki)

Workman’s Saturday - Työmiehen lauantai 
 was a great hit in 1966, by Irwin Goodman (1941-1991). At that time we had a six-day workweek, 
so Saturday and booze were so longed for... Irwin enjoyed a huge popularity with his ’protest’ songs.
Five PM to the sauna and six PM to the slammer
That's the working man's Saturday
Five PM to the sauna and six PM to the slammer
That’s the working man’s Saturday...

Workman’s Saturday / Youtube
The old recording is not that great, but a living picture of that time...


11 tammikuuta 2019

Friday Bliss #18 - Beauty in the Polar Night

A few mobile shots from my early morning walk yesterday. One of the neighbours
has these beautiful fairy lights on her umbrella shaped elm ❤︎
Light in the dark polar night is so needed and people keep them till February on their yards...

This is my living Christmas tree, still bearing lights - a thuja Brabant at the house corner...

This week I read Aila Meriluoto’s poems - a writer who celebrated her 95th birthday yesterday. 
She wrote poems of this collection at the age over 80 - how great is that!
HERE some of her older poems translated into English.

We long lived women, ---
We never stop, we only live. Ruthlessly.

Let’s taste together pure this. Existence.

In clothes I don’t mind pink, but it is great in tulips ❤︎

Wishing you all a beautiful winter weekend!
- riitta

The link is open
Helsinki time

09 tammikuuta 2019

Snow & Tulips

Last night we got still more snow - a lot of shovelling - but it does one good.
My lilacs bear a lot of new snow - a view through the window.
My world outside does not offer any colors but the first tulips do ❤︎

Wishing you a happy Wednesday!
- riitta

08 tammikuuta 2019

Wet & Grey January

The beginning of January has mostly been wet and grey and
the temperatures around zero. No beauty to be seen outdoors
and the roads terribly slippery. 

Last night the views got beautified a bit with new wet snow.
This is how it looked around my home this morning.

 Sissi wants to go inspecting the world first thing in the morning,
but this cat lady is very quick in her movements - no good photos...

Wishing you all cozy & comfortable January days!
- riitta