20 toukokuuta 2019

Messy Constance

Clematis Constance is pretty pink and very strong, but oh so messy! It grows up till 7 meters along the ladders of our house. I cut it down very often but there she is again - reaching the sky.... I got this seedling of Constance from a clematis enthusiast. Clematis on the Web says it is semi-double, but mine is not. I don’t know with which clematis it has been cross-pollinated.

Ei tätä sotkua mikään selvitä! - It is impossible to clear up this tangle!

// MAKROTEX / Sotkuinen, messy

18 toukokuuta 2019

František Kupka at Ateneum

I wrote in March that in Helsinki at the Ateneum, part of the Finnish National Gallery there is a great retrospective exhibition of the Czech painter František Kupka (1871-1957). I visited the exhibition and found it absolutely fantastic! During his long career Kupka had so many different styles. I took plenty of photos, more can be found online of course. Before coming to the Ateneum, the exhibition was on display at the Grand Palais in Paris and the National Gallery in Prague.

Ateneum is a beautiful building from 1877 the style being neo-renessaince. 
On the facade there are reliefs, now covered by the Kupka poster. 
The staircase is beautiful with decorative iron railing.

There were big wall-high black and white photos of Kupka and his past exhibitions.

It was a wonderful art experience. If you have the possibility to see Kupka’s work 
in some art museum or exhibition, I am sure you’ll be impressed too.
I bought myself a book about Kupka so I can study his works and life.


17 toukokuuta 2019

Joys of the Garden Week

Finally the nature starts to awaken and there are so many things to be happy about, but this week it is definitely this miracle!

I bought a seedling of Pterocarya rhoifolia - Japanese wingnut - Japaninsiipipähkinä many years ago. It was about 30 cm tall and has grown up till 10 m now. This spring it has miraculously started to bloom for the first time ❤︎ The link says it likes moist soil that I cannot offer. It grows in dry sandy soil and maybe that is the reason it has not bloomed before. But I am so happy about this! It is interesting to see how the blooms develop. The new leaves are very sensitive to spring frosts, hope they stay away.

Flügelnüsse / Wikipedia


The leaves of Japanese wingnut grow very big & exotic... A summer view.

Friday Bliss #36 - Spring! - Kevät 💕

Sunny weekend! - Aurinkoista viikonloppua!
- riitta

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15 toukokuuta 2019

Vihdoin! - Finally!

April was warmer than the long time average in Finland, but the joy turned to a setback.
All May has been very cold and the growth has been painfully slow.
But finally there are a lot of promise in the air: plums and white cherries
shall bloom in a few days! Today was a lovely day, sun and also warm to our standards.
I took a few photos of plants that already show leaves or blooms.

Coryllus avellana ’Fuscorubra’ is a stunning sight in the sun!

Brunnera macrophylla continues the blue wave in my garden.

Two years ago I replanted my peonies and donated a lot to my daughter.
Last summer they did not bloom, but now they look strong.

This tiny Veronica filiformis is a pretty and easy ground cover.

Wishing you all a beautiful spring week!

14 toukokuuta 2019

Digital Art Tuesday

Mein Originalfoto stammt aus unserer neuen Zentralbibliothek Oodi in Helsinki. Wenn man von der Wendeltreppe nach oben guckt, scheint es, als gäbe dort den Himmel - obwohl dort das Dach gibt. Ich ließ meiner Fantasie freien Lauf und wollte einen Kontrast zwischen sanfter & organischer und strenger architektonischer Struktur schaffen. HIER gibt es weiteren Fotos dieser lustigen Treppe.

My original photo is from our new Central Library Oodi. When looking up from the spiral stairs it seems that there is the sky - although there is the ceiling. I let my imagination loose and wanted to create a contrast between soft & organic and strict architectural structure. If you are interested look here for more photos of this fun staircase.

Das Original