30 kesäkuuta 2020

Huge Old Trees of Herttoniemi Manor Park

I found a gem & visited The Herttoniemi Manor Park - a wonderful oasis, surrounded by busy roads and modern life of Helsinki. The park dates back to the 1760s, and it got its present look in the 1810s. The park is divided into two parts: one part is a regular Baroque-style garden with flower plantations, the other part is an English style landscape park with ponds, gazebos and wildlife. 

In the manor’s purely Baroque-style garden, long lime alleys, lawns and ornamental shrubs form the overall look. I was totally mesmerised by the park’s gigantic limes, maples and oaks and I gladly share my gorgeous experience with Astrid at Mein Freund, der Baum - Tree, my Friend. No more presentations of these stunning different species. Perhaps the oldest date back to the early years of 1800.

The park was so gorgeous that I’ll tell you in separate posts of the Baroque style garden 
& The wild English style garden.

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29 kesäkuuta 2020

Wildflowers in my Garden

This week the topic of Makrotex is NATURE. I photographed some self-seeded 
wildflowers in my garden. At the moment it is a yellow wave.

Verbascum nigrum - Tummatulikukka is a bee magnet and grows allover.
I let the seeds ripen and then just throw them around, so easy and every year they appear.

Hypericum perforatum - Mäkikuisma grows in poor soil and appears year after year.
The bee was too busy for me!

Sedum acre grows wild in Finland. These are planted in the holes of concrete blocks.

Among campanulas Campanula persicifolia is my favourite: the flowers are big
and the blooming lasts long. I have it in blue and white, but they don’t bloom fully yet.
That’s why an old photo of a romantic bouquet with Louise odier.
It fits well for I celebrate today my 29th wedding anniversary.

If you are interested, HERE stunning ancient maples, limes & oaks
in The Herttoniemi Manor Park.

Endless Love by Lionel Richie & Diana Ross

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28 kesäkuuta 2020

Colors of Aglais urticae

Aglais urticae - Nokkosperhonen

Small Paint Jobs

We live in an old house and there is always something to fix.
This week I have painted our garden shed - in the morning or evening it is cool enough.
There is still some painting to do above the door...

If you look from inside out you see a thuja & some shrubs. 
Inside is a mess always, I don’t show that.

Not a very handsome summer planting. This found cherry root sprout
shall be donated to daughter’s garden in the autumn.

Enjoy your Sunday and the new week & July ahead!

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27 kesäkuuta 2020

Garden Joys / End June

There are so many things about my garden that made me happy this morning
when taking a round. It has been too hot and too dry. Yesterday evening was the first time 
we watered the garden with hose. Perhaps we have to repeat the watering tonight, too.
I took some photos, but the morning light was harsh, so they are not that excellent.
But I hope you like what you see.

In my last post I promised you more pinks and now they start to appear.
Lilium martagon is starting as Rosa rugosa ’Zwerg’ and ’Schneekoppe’.
Louise Odier seems to have suffered from draught and no fertilizing, flowers are small.

I replanted my Iris pseudacorus last summer. They grow well, but no blooming.

I have told you that Geranium macrorrhizum is an excellent ground cover. 
I have bought two plants and now I have it many square metres. Bad photos but here
it grows under trees in very poor soil at the edge of our parking place. I have it under shrubs too.

Geranium x cantabrigiense ’Biokovo’ looks so cute growing in my big pots!

White Campanula latifolia is about to bloom...

I am especially happy with Clematis recta ’Atropurpurea’ - it looks stunning.
I replanted it in 2018 and last year it stayed small but is now full of buds!
It is shrub-like and needs support. Now it hides the structure of iron net.
Blue Clematis integrifolia stays small but blooms every summer.

I have divided & donated most of my peonies to my daughter-in-law & daughter,
that’s why they don’t bloom abundantly this year. I love self seeded wild verbascums!

This is how my garden looked this morning.
Thank you for following my round - wishing you a good start to July!

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26 kesäkuuta 2020

My June in Collage

June was a lovely & sunny & PINK month, yet still quiet because of social distancing. A dear friend visited, and Daughter’s family at Midsummer. In a bigger group of family members we decided to spend one Sunday outdoors and visit the Haaga Rhododenron Park. We enjoyed the time together and relaxed at a seaside café Torpanranta as well. Photos of azaleas and rhododenrons. The first roses brought so much joy in my June garden. The Pimpinella rose ’Ruskela’ was absolutely fabulous and Norwegian rose Hurdal has never before bloomed like this ❤︎ There are still pink flowers to open: Lilium martagon, peonies and my many rose shrubs.

Let's travel to Paris with music: Paul Mauriat - Jeux interdits / Forbidden Games

Soon we enter in July. Let’s hope it’s warm and sunny with some rain ocasionally, too!

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Friday Bliss #94 - In Blue & Yellow

Yesterday afternoon, on our terrace, in the sun it was 49 C - really hot, like in a sauna!
The highest temperature yesterday in shadow was 33,5 C in Kankaanpää, Satakunta.
It is the hottest June day in 80 years.
It was my intention to create a hot week’s color mix - but didnt have the ingredients.
I don’t have many colorful perennials in my garden. Pure red only in papavers, yellow
in daylilies and wild verbascums; blue and purple in many flowers. 
This week’s garden bouquet is very simple and high. 

This Papaver orientale was so bent that it could not be added to the bouquet.

Sun, Joy & Happiness to your weekend!

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23 kesäkuuta 2020

Midweek Mix

It is a hot & sunny week and the garden blooms wildly. Every day new flowers open, 
others wither. During the day it is too hot to do anything in the garden, then it is my reading time.
I am reading travel books to compensate travel ban. First I visited Italy, then I fly to Spain!
Virtual travel costs nothing and is still wiser now.

Travel restrictions have already been cancelled to the Baltic countries, Denmark, Iceland & Norway.
No decision is yet been made, but  probably these countries are on the list from 13 July on:
Germany (??), Italy, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary 
and Liechtenstein, as well as non-Schengen Croatia, Cyprus and Ireland .

Travel restrictions would continue between Finland and the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, 
Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Poland, France, Sweden and the Czech Republic, 
with the exception of cruise travel.

The book My Italy presents 16 Finns who have moved to Italy or travel there quite often.
Very enjoyable and aroused travel fever. I want to link this very catching Italian song:
Azzurro - Adriano Celentano

Wishing you a happy June week!

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