15 kesäkuuta 2019

'Refound' Pimpinella Roses

In Finland many Pimpinella Group roses have survived through the decades.
They survive in old and abandoned gardens because they are not grafted,
but grow with their own roots. They are winter hardy, modest & carefree.
The only thing you have to watch out is their eagerness to spread with root sprouts!

Pimpinella roses are the first to bloom in Finland. They are appreciated historical roses,
even if the flowers don't dazzle with size.

As far as I know, these roses are not common in Central Europe. 
Many times the origin of these roses has been impossible to defind. 
That is why they have been named after the place where they were in a way 'refound'.
The Simola Rosario lists seven of these Pimpinella roses of which I have four.

Rosa spinosissima ’Plena’- Midsummer Rose - juhannusruusu
The origin of this rose is unknown. In Sweden there is a rose called
Finlands vita ros and in English catalogues a rose called Finnish White.
This rose grows practically in every garden in the Finnish countryside. 

Rosa Pimpinellifolia Group ’Papula’
This delicate & very pale pink rose has been found in the garden of Papula Mansion in Vyborg.
Possibly the rose was brought there from Northern Germany in the late 1800.
I have got my Papula from my mother’s garden in Karelia. 

Rosa Pimpinellifolia Group ’Ruskela’
This rose has been found in 1990s in Vihti, near Helsinki. It is known to be cultivated also
in Karelia, so it might originate from St. Petersburg. I got my Ruskela in a plant swap 
as a tiny root sprout. It blooms abundantly and is very beautiful.

Rosa Pimpinellifolia Group ’Poppius’ - Suviruusu
The precise origin of this rose is unknown. It has been popular for a long time and 
is named after Gabriel Poppius (1769-1856). I have a few shrubs, got them in a plant swap.

Rosa glauca is no Pimpinella, but is modest & hardy as well.
This rose spreads with seeds spread by birds and is considered an invasive species,
threatening somewhat our original flora.


But the real bad ass is the original Rosa rugosa!
The import and sales of the original pink & white Rosa rugosa is forbidden
in Finland from 1st June on. It is considered invasive alien species.
All existing plantings have to be destroyed in three years’ transition period.
It's going to be an expensive & huge effort, because this rose is widely used
in landscaping highways & traffic circles etc.
Garden rugosa hybrids (with a name: Hansa, Jens Munk, Schneekoppe, Zwerg etc.) 
continue to be allowed, they don't spread so furiously.

15 kommenttia:

  1. ...we grow Rosa rugosa, but the invasive one here is Rosa multiflora. It will take over the world.

    1. Interesting info Tom. Basic species of Rosa rugosa is a real nuisance here in Scandinavia. It conquers sea shores and kills the native flora.

      I don't have any of those bad asses, only garden rugosas - plenty :)

  2. Dear Riitta,
    I really don't understand this new law and think it's pretty sad.
    Your flower pictures are wonderful again. The thought of a ban is all the more painful.
    Love greetings

    1. Dear moni,
      These roses are not forbidden, nor garden rugosas - only the original species. I have hard time to find the correct word. But the basic / original R. rugosa is really a big problem in Scandinavia, also Wikipedia told that :)

  3. Beim Schmetterlings Walzer würde ich sofort mit tanzen. Deine Rosen sind ein Gedicht !
    Schönes Wochenende und herzliche Grüße

    1. It is a lovely video, isn't it! Have a lovely weekend you too Lieselotte.

  4. Beautiful historical roses. It's great that they have survived to our times. Thank you that I could see them because I love roses.
    Have a nice weekend.

    1. Here people are very keen on saving / rescuing different historical roses. It is great, because they are part of the history of gardening.

  5. Wunderschön sind Deine Rosen, die Du zeigst...

  6. They are all so pretty!
    We have a few of these roses too. My favourite is Rosa Glauca.
    Let's enjoy this sunny Sunday, Riitta!

  7. Se on nyt juhannusruusujen suvun juhlahetket parhaimmillaan!
    Nauti kesästä!

  8. Liebe Riitta,
    Deine Rosen sehen wunderschön aus, es ist ein richtiger Blütentraum!
    Habe eine schönes restliches Wochenende!
    Herzliche Grüße

  9. Dearest ritta K; I was fascinated by these SWEET and BEAUTIFUL roses which your people must be proud of and saved.
    And appreciated the chance to know these rare roses through your gorgeous pictures♪
    My husband and I both enjoyed the Waltz with varieties of butterflies.
    ps; Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment; I wrote return comment.
    Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  10. Me encantan las rosas. Besitos.

  11. So beautiful. I would love to have one in my garden :)



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