30 huhtikuuta 2020

Friday Bliss #86 - Happy First of May!

Today we celebrate Vappuaatto / Walpurgis night in Finland.  
Walpurgis night and the First of May are great carnaval days in Finland, in the past for left wing political parties but today mainly for students. Celebrations are going to be modest this year. 
It is a long tradition to cap the statue Havis Amanda on Walpurgis night with a huge student cap.
This year this ’capping’ is going to happen virtually.

Havis Amanda dates back to 1906 and is one of the most central statues in Helsinki,
 situated at the market place, sculptor was Ville Vallgren.

Vappu is the time for sima and tippaleipä / funnel cakes.
Sima is a sweet sparkling brew that is mainly seasonal. It is usually spiced by adding both 
the flesh and rind of a lemon. The alcohol content is very low due to limited fermentation. 


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19 kommenttia:

  1. Dear Riitta,
    it is in Finland as well as in our country and in many other countries. Traditions and celebrations are not taking place this year as we have been used to.
    Nevertheless, it is possible to celebrate certain days in a small circle.
    Have a happy start into May,
    warmly moni

  2. Happy 1st OF May! Here in Malaysia, we celebrate Labour Day on 1st of May. Enjoy your celebration.

  3. May First is celebrated as the workers' day around here, but not many people are working right now.

  4. It was humble with us too. Otherwise the devil is really going on Walpurgis Night. But it had also gone wrong.
    Yes, and my witch's broom was also in the corner. Otherwise I am always
    ridden on the broom on the Blocksberg on Walpurgis night.
    The witches didn't get a chance this time.
    Have a nice Day.
    Greetings Eva

  5. interessant, dass in finnland der maifeiertag noch eine andere bedeutung als der "tag der arbeiterbewegung" hat. hier wird er auch heute noch jedes jahr - besonders von den gewerkschaften - gefeiert,um auf missstände in der arbeitswelt aufmerksam zu machen, meist mit demonstrationen, kundgebungen und maifesten. dieses jahr entfällt das natürlich und so wird man die maireden nur online hören können.
    liebe grüße

  6. Liebe Riitta
    Modestly it turns out this year, no maypole is put up etc. You also went live from the Internet. Great photo from last year's festival
    I wish you a nice May 1st
    all the best it greets you Elke

  7. In Germany I know the Walpurgis Night too, never joined it but saw it on TV. Seems to be fun, but this year everywhere it’s different. Also over here all the fiestas are cancelled. Normally we are having Romerias, also the firework-challenge in Realejos...nothing will happen.

    the sima and tippaleipä / funnel cakes looks yammi. Never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing. Let’s hope for better days and staying healthy.

    Greetings, hugs and besitos over to you


  8. Hienot kuvat! Ihanaa alkanutta toukokuuta ja Hyvää vappua♥

  9. Liebe Riitta,
    dieses Jahr ist alles anders und langsam frage ich mich, ob es wieder so werden wird wie vorher.
    Pass gut auf Dich auf und bleib gesund.

    Viele liebe Grüße


  10. interessant zu lesen, wie unterschiedlich dieser Feiertag gehandhabt wird.
    Heuer jedoch ist, dank Corona, nichts erlaubt.
    Ein stiller Feiertag ohne Feste und Veranstaltungen.
    Ob es je wieder normal wird ?
    Ich wünsche dir einen entspannten Feiertag, bleibe gesund und lass es dir gut gehen.
    ♥lichst Jutta

  11. Happy First of May and plentiful month to you, Riitta!

  12. Liebe Riitta,

    Deine Collage schaut traumhaft schön aus.

    Einen schönen 1. Mai und alles Liebe
    wünscht Dir

  13. ...Riitta, thanks for hosting and I hope that you re enjoying a Happy May Day!

  14. Hyvää vappua ja toukokuuta!

  15. Happy Beginning of May Riitta! Wow, the Fins know how to put out all the stops and celebrate! with exuberance:) Hope this brings you more in a festive mood:) Have a lovely weekend, Jesh

  16. Einen schönen, grünen Monat Mai wünsche ich dir, liebe Riita!

  17. Interesting post. Thanks for hosting.

  18. Las fiestas este año tocan así. Besitos.


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