30 huhtikuuta 2018

My April in Collage

The winter was exhausting and the spring was late. Now we land finally to May.
The last days of April offered a mix: sunny days, but also cool misty mornings & rain.
But slowly the nature awakens: crocus are in full bloom, scillas and primulas are starting...

The hope of a warm & sunny summer is strong and birds are singing like never before.
It has been a joy to work outdoors and see new growth bursting.
All raking done - my garden is ready for summer - and so am I!

Finnish - Narrow Path, a biography of the pop singer Rauli Badding Somerjoki.
Jukka Rajala - Kaita polku, Rauli Badding Somerjoen tarina ***** Siltala 2018

ForeignFaculty of Dreams by the Swedish Sara Stridsberg.
Sara Stridsberg - Unelmien tiedekunta **** Tammi 2018

Poetry - Wind Scattered World by Riina Katajavuori.
Riina Katajavuori - Maailma tuulenkaatama *** Tammi 2018

#Makrotex Challenge

Wishing you a lovely May! - Ihanaista toukokuuta!

Floral Bliss #70

Foto: Public domain
This week's Floral Bliss is posted already today for I want to wish you Happy May Day! 

We don't have many carnival days in Finland, but the 1st of May surely is one of them.
We call these two day celebrations by the name Vappu.
Young and old put their student caps on, kids have colourful balloons, 
people camp in parks and drink champagne or some heavier stuff and chorus are singing.


The famous statue in the first photo is situated near the market place in the centre of Helsinki 
and is called Havis Amanda.
It is designed by the sculptor Ville Vallgren and since 1908 the statue has delighted 
both citizens of Helsinki as well as tourists.
At 6 o'clock pm on the 30th of April students put a huge white student cap on her head.
Usually there is a big & loud audience. I'm too old for these crowds and prefer to stay at home.

Last year I made this collage to the Color Collage Challenge.
It seems that we got some new snow near Vappu last year - I had totally forgotten!
Colors of Vappu - showing also my husband's student cap.
The pompom in his cap means that he was a student of technology, I studied marketing - no pompom.

I connect red roses to the political celebrations of the 1st of May.
In my garden Rosa rugosa 'Rotes Meer' is most close to red,
so I chose a cut red rose from March 2017 & another from my garden.

I just have to add this lovely Spring Banner that my friend Milli made for my book blog.
If you need some visual help, please contact her.
Jos kaipaat visuaalista apua jossain, kurkkaa & ota yhteyttä: 
Instagram / @millinmaa - kuvia galleriassa Millisesti.

Helsinki time
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Wishing you a great May Day! - Hyvää vappua!

26 huhtikuuta 2018

Spring Happiness in Purple

You bet I'm happy: the sun is shining and crocus are in bloom!
I have been  busy working in the garden, all spring work is done now, a moment's relax
until the weeding rounds shall start.
My weed problem consists of Aegopodium podagraria and Ranunculus repens.
In spite of continuous weeding they thrive.

Voi tätä onnea: aurinko paistaa ja krookukset kukkivat!
Olen ahkeroinut pihalla ja kaikki kevättyöt on tehty - jopa mieletön risukasa selätetty.
Hetken hengähdys ennen kuin kitkentäkierrokset alkavat.
Vuohenputki ja rönsyleinikki ovat ikuisia vaikka kuinka kitkisi.

Nautitaan keväästä! - Let's enjoy outdoors!

24 huhtikuuta 2018

Floral Bliss #69

Nothing yet to photograph in the garden, this spring is so late.
So I chose some impressions from April - early May 2016. I like these tiny blues: 
Scilla siberica, Viola odorata, Brunnera macrophylla, Vinca minor and Omphalodes verna
 - added of course with some yellow Primulas.

Vielä ei mitään kuvattavaa puutarhassa, niinpä valitsin kuvia huhti-toukokuulta 2016.
Etsin pieniä sinisiä joista pidän paljon:
idänsinililjat, kevätkaihonkukat, rotkolemmikit. pikkutalviot ja tuoksuorvokit ovat ihania
- lisättynä tietysti muutamalla keltaisella kevätesikolla.

Helsinki time
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Wishing you a lovely last week of April!

Ihmeitä - Miracles

Makrotex-haasteena on tällä viikolla IHME.
Aihe sopii hyvin kevääseen, koska koko kevät on yhtä suurta ihmettä.
Joka vuosi ällistyn luonnon ja kasvien suunnattomasta kasvuvoimasta - käsittämätöntä.
Melko viileää on vielä, mutta pieniä ihmeitä sentään näkyvissä.

The Makrotex Challenge of the week is MIRACLE.
The topic is very actual for the whole spring offers constantly stunning miracles.
Every year I get so astonished by the nature's immense force of growth.
It is still very cool but some tiny miracles can be noticed.

Jouluruusuni on todella surkea tänä keväänä. - My Helleborus looks so sad this spring.

Sinivaleunikon karvaiset uudet versot ovat söpöjä. - The new sprouts of Meconopsis betonicifolia.

Makrotex Challenge

Kivaa sateista tiistaita! - Happy Tuesday!

21 huhtikuuta 2018

Kevätiloa - Spring Joy

I had this chap called Arthur for a week and I had to keep an eye for him & Sissi
because they were not exactly the best friends.

When Arthur left on Wednesday I started my garden season.
Luckily I worked very hard in the autumn, so almost all raking & tidying done! I feel happy. 
We have a saying 
'What you leave behind you'll find in front of you.' - Minkä taakseen jättää, sen eestään löytää.'
That is so true, only a bit cutting of big Rosa rugosas to be done.

Wood pigeons sitting on my naked maple. - Sepelkyyhkyt tykkäävät istua korkealla vaahterassa.

Some white crocus were blooming under a bush, so I took them inside.
Valkoisia krookuksia kukki yhden puskan alla, pelastin ne sisään ilokseni.

It is very naked still, only tiny growth in sight.
The next week is going to be cool also, but I don't mind.
No trace of snow, the birds are singing and my sunny terrace is ready for sitting ❤︎


Wishing you a wonderful weekend! - Ihanaa viikonloppua!

17 huhtikuuta 2018

Floral Bliss #68

Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi?

It is grey, foggy & rainy. But the good thing is that the snow has almost totally melted away.
Not yet blooms or growth to be seen in the garden.
That's why some miscellaneous flowering pot plants found in garden centres this spring.

Helsinki time
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Wishing you a lovely spring week!