30 syyskuuta 2016

Artist of October - Pekka Halonen

Pekka Halonen (1865 - 1933) is one of our most important national romantic painters. He studied in Helsinki at the Art Society's Drawing School for four years and graduated with good grades winning a scholarship to study abroad. He went in 1890 to Paris, where he first studied at the Academy Julian and later under Paul Gauguin.

In 1895 Pekka Halonen married a young music student, Maija Mäkinen and they got 8 children. In the beginning of their marriage, the couple lived in several places before settling down in a house with a studio on Lake Tuusula in 1895. Here the Halonen family lived in an imposing pinewood villa known as ‘Halosenniemi’. Halosenniemi was designed by Pekka Halonen himself and his brother and was completed in 1902.

The building is now a museum that includes original furnishings and Halonen’s own art. On the shores of the lake where he resided an artists’ community flourished, helping to develop a sense of Finnish national identity. In addition to Halonen the artists' community's members were composer  Jean Sibelius, writer Juhani Aho, poet J. H. Erkko and painters Eero Järnefelt and Venny Soldan-Brofeldt. 

The view through the big atelier window is fascinating and it was an important source of inspiration for his art. In Tuusula Halonen had a wide circle of artist friends and relatives which provided him with a daily source of social and cultural stimulation.

I write here only shortly because at Alternative Finland you'll find many great photos of his paintings and his curriculum in English. It's worth while looking!

The fifth photo that I'm sharing is my salute to the fabulous September 2016!

Wishing you a good start for October!

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29 syyskuuta 2016

September 2016

Enjoying the fantastic weather outdoors & autumn colors...

Admiring the late bloomers...

Doing this and that.
Reading, photographing, learning to create digital art...

Wishing you a great start to October!


Another autumn bouquet. 
I used Sedum 'Herbstfreude', Calamagrostis, thuja, 
Humulus lupulus 'Aureus' and dark Diabolo leaves.

Syntyihän vielä tällä viikollakin kimppu! 
Syysmaksaruohoa, koristekastikkaa, vähän tuijaa, kultahumalaa ja tummaa Diaboloa.

I don't specially love Herbstfreude when it turns red. 
I prefer it in green bud.

Punaisena hehkuva syysmaksaruoho ei ole erityisemmin mieleeni, 
pidän siitä enemmän nuppuisena.

It is pretty colourful and beautiful out in the nature!


Colorful autumn days!

27 syyskuuta 2016

Flower Wednesday linkup 18

This Chelone obliqua is my favourite autumn bloomer. 
Pretty pink, modest to grow and not spread too eagerly. About 100 cm tall.
Blooming lasts for several weeks, about to finish these days.

Linkki on auki - Tervetuloa!
The link is open - Welcome!

Linkup 1 & the rules.

Lämmin kiitos kaikille osallistujille!
My warm thanks to all for your contributions!

26 syyskuuta 2016

Music - Makrotex Challenge

This week's Makrotex Challenge is MUSIC.
At home I have a lot of instruments, notes and music books.
Classic, rock & hits.


Kamerani on Samsung NX 1000, useimmiten käytössä peruslinssi.
Kuvankäsittelyyn useimmiten Fotor, kollaaseihin olen juuri löytänyt Photoscapen.

My camera Samsung NX 1000, image processing with Fotor,
collages with Photoscape.

Happy week!

25 syyskuuta 2016

Tunnelmavärit - My Mood Colors

Today we are asked to present our mood colors.
Colors of feelings, mood, ambiance, atmosphere...

Mine is definitely purple.
Dark or light, reddish or bluish!

24 syyskuuta 2016

Paint - Our Beautiful World

This week's topic at Our Beautiful World is PAINT chosen by Mandy. As a teenager I loved to paint with oil colors but later in life had no time to improve my skills. Today I'll show you five paintings from my home - painted by others.

I f you are interested in reading more about some Finnish painters, please click here. You'll find these painters, with text & photos:
Martta Wendelin
Maria Wiik
Elin Danielson-Gambogi
Helene Schjerfbeck
Sinikka Kurkinen
Albet Edelfelt

It would be lovely to see your idea of PAINT!

The next Sunday's topic is AUTUMN.
You are most welcome to join!

Mosaic Monday

Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment. Claude Monet

22 syyskuuta 2016

Autumn leaves by Patricia Kaas

I happened to find this wonderful video at Youtube 
- Patricia Kaas singing Autumn Leaves.

Sparkling & colorful photos - please enjoy!

21 syyskuuta 2016

DIY - Maple Leaves

Autumn has its joys - for example colorful maple leaves. 
They are excellent material for different DIY works. 

Syksyllä on omat ilonsa - kuten vaikka oransseina hehkuvat vaahteranlehdet,
jotka suorastaan kutsuvat askartelemaan.

I made this 'no water' bouquet out of maple leaves added with white and red sorbus berries.
(Sorbus koehneana & Sorbus aucuparia var.  edulis)
You need quite a lot of leaves for a bouquet or wreath, used a bucketful.

Taina on sitten kamala yllyttämään!
Olihan mun ihan pakko väkertää täksikin viikoksi jotain. 
Keräsin ämpärillisen pudonneita vaahteranlehtiä sekä helmipihlajan ja makeapihlajan marjoja.

I used straight florist's wires, put the leaves and berries into small bunches with a stem.
So they were easy to bind into a bouquet.

Sekä lehdet että marjat sidoin pieniin nippuihin floristin suorilla sidontalangoila
 niin että niihin jäi varret.  Sitten vaan kimpuksi.

I have no idea how these sorbus berries last but maple leaves last for years. 
Of course they loose their sparkling colors and get dusty
 - but then it's time to make a new one!

Ei ole kokemusta miten juuri nämä pihlajanmarjat säilyvät, 
mutta vaahteranlehdet säilyvät sisälläkin vuosikausia
 - haalistuvat toki ja sitten pölyyntyneinä joutavat pois.

I wish I inspired you to DIY. 
The material is free and abundant under every maple tree!

Nyt vaan kaikki askartelemaan.
Materiaalia löytyy ämpärikaupalla jokaisen vaahteran alta!

Not exactly flowers but floral joy anyway!

Mukavia askarteluja & syysiloa!
Autumn joy & happy DIY!