18 syyskuuta 2016

Pets - Our Beautiful World

❤︎ Hani in Memoriam ❤︎

This weeks topic at Our Beautiful World - Pets - was chosen by Ros. I'll share a few photos of my own pets and of those I can borrow from friends.

❤︎ Muru in Memoriam ❤︎
I have had two Belgian shepards, Hani and Muru. They are now in the dogs' heaven but in my memory always. They both suffered from epilepsy. It was hard but I loved them dearly.

Now I have this lively and funny Norwegian Forest Cat Sissi ❤︎ She eats all the greens inside the house: tomatoes, apples, peaches, green plants, cut flowers...

Pineapple with her loving eyes...

My son's Pineapple is a Bernese Mountain Dog and weighs about 60 kg. But so loving and sweet ❤︎

My daughter has this cute Tibetan terrier called Arttu. He is fun and behaves so well. ❤︎

My British friend living in Finland has two pet rats. I don't know much about rats but ain't they cute!

It would be lovely to see your pets!

The next Sunday's topic is PAINT.
You are most welcome to join!

For Maggie & Mosaic Monday 

I add also this collage of summer memories.
It's called Morning Colors according to this color scheme.

I'm a bit busy right now, that's why I'm late.

9 kommenttia:

  1. Beautiful dogs and sweet Sissy. Iwill not be tired to see photos of her...
    Cute rats - I like the rat-stories of Hugh Lofting in Doc. Dolittles books.
    Have a nice sunday

    I've taken this blog in my sidebar to the loveliest blogs, but it isn't working. It always says, that cannot find feet and doesn't show me the last post :-(
    Don't know, why...

    1. I can't help you with that problem but your lovely thought sure makes me happy 💕 Enjoy your Sunday Mascha.

  2. I always have a soft spot for animal pets in my heart. Beautiful pics of dogs and your cat, Sissi.

  3. Gorgeous photos!! I can see you love animals as much as me and your pets are truly beautiful!

    1. There's absolutely no way living without a pet :) Enjoy your day Ros!

  4. Beautiful photos of your beloved pets. Our Snarf is in dog's heaven too but we still miss him every day. Our five cats also have passed away over the last years, now we have an empty house. We have the idea to travel first now and afterwards I'm sure there will be pets again. Now we enjoy the pets of our grand children, also two rats, they are so clever and also lots of tropical fishes, but that's not the same as furry animals.
    Enjoy your Sunday, we still have lovely weather.

    1. That is a good idea to travel and enjoy the freedom for a while. But pets are so adorable! Cats are easier, I think no dog for us now... Enjoy your Sunday Janneke.

  5. Hi Riitta,
    Love dogs, not sure about cats, definitely don't like rats however cute some people thin they are! Pineapple has such a lovely face, what a sweetheart. Thanks for sharing your Morning Colours mosaic with us at MM this week, so glad you came!


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