20 syyskuuta 2016

Flower Wednesday linkup 17

This week's flower is this beautiful pale lilac Autumn Aster.
It blooms with exceptionally large flowers in my neighbor's garden.

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Linkup 1 & the rules.

Lämmin kiitos kaikille osallistujille!
My warm thanks to all for your contributions!

17 kommenttia:

  1. Wow ! What beautiful flowers !! I love them very much !!

  2. Oi miten kauniit ja aivan ihanat kuvat. En päässyt jostakin syystä kommentoimaan makrotex-postaukseen..Todella ihanat sävyt näissä kuvissa. Kivaa loppuviikkoa! <3

  3. Vidunderlig vakre lilla blomster.

  4. Stunning images of your neighbours gorgeous asters. You'll have to ask for a small clump for your own garden!
    Have a wonderful week :)

  5. So nice.I love the "herfst aster"

  6. Tykkään tuosta kukasta valtavasti; väri ja muoto. Minulla kasvaa se ihan terassin kupeessa, joten näkyy aina <3

  7. I love the autumn asters at this time of year, beautiful photos!

  8. Great decorative depth-of-field control.
    Your asters are like my michaelmas daisies, but with twice the number of petals.

  9. Beautiful pale lilac Autumn Aster! I once had a plant which had flowers that look a bit like these flowers but now no more.

  10. I love those asters. Such a beautiful shade and size of flower. Thank you for hosting the link-up.

  11. Beautiful asters Ritta, such pretty photos.

  12. How lovely, such a wonderful colour:)

  13. ..eine wunderschöne Farbe!!
    LG Christiane

    1. ❤︎ Thank you all for your lovely comments ❤︎

      These autumn asters are really pretty: large flowers, just the right sparkling lilac color and not too high. I do have to ask a tiny clump for me!

  14. Dearest ritta K; Oh Beautiful lilac Autumn Aster with light purple color♪ And elegant,my favorite color is purple because its the noble color in Japan♡♡♡
    Thank SO much for your kind comment, I wonder if it will be fixed soon :-)

    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*

  15. Your Asters are simply stunning, thank you for sharing the charm of your wonderful garden with us, dearest Riitta, and for hosting this so lovely party !

    Hope you're having a beautiful week I'm sending my dearest love to you,
    with utmost gratitude

    Xx Dany

  16. Hi Riitta,
    marvelous photos of this colorful flowers. Amazing !
    Best, Synnöve


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