31 joulukuuta 2020

Friday Bliss #120 - Happy New Year 2021!

I connect white, silver & stars to New Year. For today I used a heart shaped wreath 
as the base of my New Year’s bouquet. 

Luckily on New Year’s Eve last year, we didn’t know what awaited us. 
The same now: the new year 2021 unfolds before us in the unknown. 
I hope it brings more freedom, stimulation and a sense of security. 

Thank you all for your company this strange year ❤︎ 
You, dear blogfriends, have helped make this year more bearable.

For last year's words belong to last year's language. 
And next year's words await another voice.
- T.S. Eliot

The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. 
- Melody Beattie

 Warm New Year’s greetings from my heart to all of you!


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28 joulukuuta 2020

Yet another Christmas Mix

In many countries, also in Finland, people wish for white Christmas. 
This year it did not happen. On Sunday Dec 20th I saw this sight when we delivered 
our Christmas presents to my son to Siuntio. It was chilly, wet and windy. 
I wish these poor swans found their way to a more pleasant climate.

On Christmas day I found this fun surprise:
someone had hung Christmas baubles on the walkway! This brought a smile on my face.

On Christmas Eve my husband put on his Santa outfit and delivered
the presents to his children and grandchildren - only to their doors in Espoo.
It was a quiet Christmas - we two at home reading and listening to music.

We took candles to my in-laws’ grave....
And of course there was good food (of which no photos!) and flowers.

A strange Christmas, a strange year.
But there is hope in the air - the covid vaccines have started to come!
I wish you all hope and calm and better and safe 2021!


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27 joulukuuta 2020

Blue & White as Honduran Flag

White tulips from earlier years.
Wishing you all better and more normal 2021!

Blue & White as Honduran Flag 

25 joulukuuta 2020

Medieval Church of St. Lawrence

The Church of St. Lawrence / Pyhän Laurin kirkko in Vantaa is a very beautiful medieval church, built around 1450. The distance from my home to the church is about 10 km and my in-laws are buried in its graveyard. Prior to the introduction of Lutheranism into Finland, the church served the Roman Catholic Church. In 1893 the church was largely destroyed by a fire, leaving behind only its stone walls and vaults. Reconstruction was overseen by the renowned Finnish architect Theodor Höijer and the church was reopened the next year. More info at Wikipedia.

Singing Christmas carols in churches in December is very popular in Finland.
This year no singing of carols, also the services are only online.
We have also a habit of taking candles to the graves at Christmas.

Wishing Peaceful Christmas & Happy New Year!


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#t in die neue woche #värikollaasit

24 joulukuuta 2020

Blessed & Peaceful Christmas!

Christmas is red - it is not my color but it belongs to Christmas. 
For many this Christmas means isolating, also for me and my husband.
We shall be in contact with children and grandchildren only via Google Meet.

I’ll share with you a modern Finnish Christmas song by Haloo Helsinki.
I tried to translate some of the verses, so that you get the idea.

Ado, streets full of lights 
in the colors of heaven and earth 
Someone hiding behind a mountain of gifts
Someone on the street making music with bottles 

Let the people run in a hurry 
for which supposedly we were born here 
I'm not in a hurry anywhere 
I'm going to light a candle for you now 

White earth, snow falling 
Here I stand with my jacket open again
This year favored more someone
White earth, let it snow
I'd like to be able to hug you
This year I will share this Christmas with you

This Christmas book lovers have more time to read. Right now I am listening 
as audiobook Carlos Ruiz Zafóns La ciudad de vapor.

Wishing you all a blessed & peaceful Christmas!

21 joulukuuta 2020

Christmas in Miniature

I have a lot of miniatures left, even though the hobby has been on hold for a long time. 
I keep my miniature objects in plastic candy boxes and made a Christmas setting 
to a greenhouse lantern. The Christmas tree, tiled stove, fern, bouquet of flowers and 
chocolate cupcakes were made by me, cross-stitch pillows on the floor came from a swap.

Merry Christmas to all blogging friends!

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19 joulukuuta 2020

Santaland for Kids!

I walk often by this local garden center and the smoke from Santa's tipi-hut tempted
 me to go and take a peek of their Santaland. In Santa’s tipi there is a fire where 
kids can grill sausages and have a picnic with Santa.

They have put so much effort and created an elfin path for kids with so many
interesting creatures & animals to see. There are these funny trolls
made out of spruce...

... and these cute tiny gremlins...

I loved this hut of elves - they have it so cosy there!

I enjoyed so much this Santaland - only wish that there was more snow.
Happy Christmas time for everybody!

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