30 huhtikuuta 2017

Vapun värit - Colors of 1st of May

That skull with a big scary eye is a lamp :))

Happy May Day! - Hyvää vappua!

The next Makrotex Challenge is SPRING.
Räntä - sleet - wet snow is very usual in Finland 
when May Day celebrations approach.
But I have never ever seen this much snow on the 30st of April!

We call May Day Vappu. It is a celebration of workers and students, young and old.
Everybody puts his or her white student cap on... Read more of the Vappu in Finland!

Photo: Visit Finland

No champagne or sima on our terrace today....

Take care - stay warm!

28 huhtikuuta 2017

Weekend in Black & White

April thoughts

1. This cold April is soon coming to its end... Waiting for spring to begin!

2. The weather has been really bad: showers of rain, hail and snow...

3. Color Collage is a fun linkup that I enjoy weekly.
See more of my collages here.

4. Books - a tip to those of you who read in Spanish:
Rosa Montero's very interesting book about Marie Curie and sorrow after loosing her spouse:
La ridícula idea de no volver a verte - The ridiculous idea of not seeing you any more.

5. Happy May Day!

Visit Helsinki


Wishing you all a great May Day weekend!

25 huhtikuuta 2017

Floral Bliss #18

This week some miscellaneous photos that I took at the florists' and outdoors.
I could also ask what Floral Bliss? Hail showers, snow showers and cold & wind. 
I wish the spring starts with all its vigor the 1st of May! It certainly would be the time.

Hails on Friday...

Snow on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday...

Some sun in between...

Happy becoming May Day!

Olisi tosi kiva nähdä sinunkin kuviasi täällä - Tule mukaan!
Please, come and join - share your Floral Bliss with me and the others!
Simply Anything Living or related to Botanics!

Aurinkoa toivon viikkoosi!- Sun to your week!

23 huhtikuuta 2017

Color Collage 17

Kukkailottelua - Celebration Week!

celebrates its 1 Year Anniversary - You can link the whole week.

Aiheena tänään ASETELMA.
En oikein tiedä mitä Taina tällä aiheella ajatteli...
Itsellä materiaalitkin olivat vähissä, kaikki pääsiäiskukat jo kuihtuneet. Tämä irtosi.

Today STILLEBEN. I ran short of materials, all my florals had withered.
This is what I got out of them.

Kukkailoa viikonloppuun! - Floral Delight to your weekend!

22 huhtikuuta 2017

Kukkailottelua - Celebration Week!

Kukkailottelua - Floral Delight
is  the link-up of my blog friend Taina and now
it celebrates its 1 Year Anniversary - You can link up till 24th of April!

Outside planting in a pot. - Helmihyasintteja ruukussa.

Aiheena tänään PIHALLA KUKKII.
Vai kukkiiko mikään? Eipä juuri kun kevät on ollut niin kylmä.
Öisin pakkasta ja päivisin vajaa 10C. Tule lämpö, tule jo!

Today BLOOMS OUTDOORS. Not much in sight.
This spring has been exceptionally chilly: below zero at night, wind and rain daytime.
Please, come warmth, come now!

Mutta sammal on sentään nätin vihreää! - But the moss is pretty and green!

Rakeita väliin! - Hails on Friday!

Lunta sunnuntaina! - Snow on Sunday!

The weather has been varied - to say the least!

Kukkailoa kuitenkin! - Floral Delight anyhow!
Kukkailottelua - Floral Delight

Linking also to Gartenglück
- allthough the spring comes very, very slowly to Finland this year!

Mosaic Monday