14 lokakuuta 2019

Santo Spirito, Florence

I always visit churches and cloisters / convents during my trips. Today I’ll share a few photos of The Basilica di Santo Spirito, Florence. The original architect was famous Filippo Brunelleschi who designed those typical domes of Florence. The building started in 1446. Outside the basilica is very plain but the inside is very decorative. Unfortunately it was not allowed to take photos inside. But there was a beautiful inner courtyard that I enjoyed a lot. 

The most interesting thing for a nowadays tourist is this wooden crucifix by young Michelangelo. At seventeen years he was allowed to make anatomical studies on the corpses coming from the convent's hospital; in exchange, he sculpted a wooden crucifix. Photo: Wikipedia.

All in all my trip was fabulous - so much to see!

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  1. First of all, I followed the link so I became a look from the inside too. It’s always a pity if you are not allowed to take photos inside. What a wonderful church, also from the outside I like it from the architectural style.

    I also photograph churches, just for the bell tower project, but I also like church buildings and I'm always happy when they are open.

    Greeting to you


  2. Firenzen Basilica di Santo Spirito on vaikuttava. Tykkään myös käydä reissuillani kirkoissa.
    Kuvaamista vasta opettelen.

  3. Beautiful collage...and great song.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a nice new (autumn) week ahead!

  4. Hello, the church and grounds are beautiful. Love the pretty pond and the song. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week ahead.

  5. Your collage of Florence takes me back. We were there in May.

  6. I have so enjoyed our visits to Florence! You have some very beautiful photos and I am thankful you shared them. Thank bring back some wonderful memories!

  7. ...Riitta, you have paired my beautiful images with the music. Thanks for sharing these glimpses of your holiday, enjoy your week.

  8. "All in all my trip (in your blog is)Fabulous - So Much to See!"

    and dream about . . . I coudn't have said it better than you.
    Thank you VERY Much!

  9. Anonyymi14 lokakuuta

    Dear Riitta,
    wonderful impressions from Florence. You can really fall in love with the sculptures, at least with some of them, they are so beautiful.
    Greetings at the beginning of the week
    heartily moni

  10. Beautiful church and the garden is beautiful.

  11. Hello Riitta!
    As always, very beautiful photos.
    I love Florence and I always visit churches and monasteries.
    It is a treasury of wonderful art monuments.
    Have a nice sunny week.

  12. Es muy bonito. Un beso.

  13. I love the music of Bocelli! I think I'll listen to more this afternoon! And your photos are great...I love the architecture of these old churches!

  14. An incredible trip! I have seen some pictures from there as (too many) years ago my younger brother spent a year in Florence on a University exchange. I would like to see in person, but would be a bit sad because my brother has passed on since that time. He loved it very much. ....your photos are incredibly beautiful as are your descriptions.

  15. Riitta - having seen the inside of many a historic church, I can imagine the ornate interior! But in the meantime, the courtyard and crucifix by Michaelangelo are lovely to see. Thanks for sharing with Mosaic Monday!

  16. There are so many treasures in the art and architecture of Florence. Your photos capture the beauty. The courtyard scenes are tranquil and I love the music of Bocelli which goes well with this blog post. Thank you.


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