15 lokakuuta 2019

Tuesday’s Treasures

The National Museum of Finland in Helsinki is a treasure as such, but today a few shots of the fabulous frescoes on its entrance dome. The roof of the entrance hall features Kalevala-themed frescoes painted by Akseli Gallen-Kallela (1865-1931). The frescoes painted in 1928 were modeled on the frescoes painted by him at the Finnish pavilion at the 1900 Paris World Expo.

This umbrella with the frescoes was so beautiful, but too expensive for me.

Gallen-Kallela is best known for his illustrations of the Finnish national epic Kalevala. His works in national romantic style are considered very important for the Finnish national identity. I posted about an exhibition The Inner Eye in his home museum Tarvaspää in the summer.

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  1. Hi Riitta,
    what a wonderful Museum! Thank you for taking us through! Great pictures!
    Wishing you a happy day and a lovely week,
    Love and hugs, Claudia xo

  2. Hello Riitta, I visited the museum last week!
    The exibition "Story of Finland" is very interesting.
    Wishing you good day!

  3. So beautiful...I would love to sit there having a look and for sure it wouldn’t be just for minutes. Too bad that the umbrella was so expensive. I like him too.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful impressions.

    Happy Tuesday and greetings over to you


  4. Upeat kuvat. Upea sateenvarjo.
    Hävettää tunnustaa, että Kansallismuseosta käynnistä on kotvan aikaa.

  5. This is very interesting Riitta. Thank you for showing the frescoes in the entrance of the National Museum of Helsinki and for the link to your post which I must have missed. I've learnt more about Finnish art and culture from this post and link.

  6. ...a treasure filled with treasures! It's wonderful to see all this beautiful preserved for the public enjoyment. Thanks Riitta for sharing, I hope that you are enjoying your week.

  7. Oh!!! Look at this Splendid, Powerful Art!! Thank you, thank you for sharing.
    I've read a few books about Finland's past . . But NOW - I suddenly think I must visit . . . oh my, so much beauty.
    Thanks again.💙

  8. Oh so wonderful. What a special museum. Love the umbrella too. MY husband worked on the railroad with men from Finland when he just got out of high school many many years ago. they were wonderful to him and taught him many Finnish swear words---LOL

  9. Hi Riitta! Astounding photos as always!

    Happy Wednesday!

  10. Muy lindos. Me encantan.

  11. How lovely.... I would probably have a sore neck from taking many pictures of that incredible ceiling. It would be a shame to get that umbrella wet )).


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