21 lokakuuta 2019

Makrotex - Kirja, Book

This week's topic at Makrotex is a BOOK. I have to confess that I’m addicted to reading!
Mostly I borrow my books from library, buy mainly some art books from exhibitions.
In the above photo a few art books that I have bought recently:

Seekers of the Truth from The Inner Eye; Silent Beauty & František Kupka from Ateneum
and Natalia Goncharova at Palazzo Strozzi.

Seekers of the Truth tells with photos about our great painters Akseli Gallen-Kallela
Pekka Halonen and Hugo Simberg.

My TBR pile is so high that it colapsed!
On top Haruki Murakami’s newest translation Dance, dance dance with over 500 pages!

In my archives there are a lot of book covers because I photograph them for my book blog.
Here a few books that I have read recently. Their reviews can be found at Kirja vieköön!

From Thursday till Sunday I’ll be at Helsinki Book Fair - a book lover’s paradise!

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