31 maaliskuuta 2021

My March in Collage

It has been a quiet month, mainly in expectation of spring.
The snow is slowly melting and the first snowdrops are blooming.
I truly welcome April!

Opposite our house there is a small woods. Half of it is gone now.
There is going to be built a new house. It took the guys two days to cut down all the
trees and transport the trunks away. Later they dug all the stumps, roots and rocks away.
Interesting to follow the construction process.

Wishing a good start to April!

#all seasons #der natur donnerstag #digitalart dienstag #gartenglück #image-in-ing 
#makrotex / monthly collages  #t in die neue woche #värikollaasit

11 kommenttia:

  1. Have a nice start to April and a good Easter week!

  2. Dear Riitta
    It ist interesting to see how things are going on construction sites. Sometimes it seems as if time stands still and then you can see big differences from day to day. The collage is beautiful and thanks to Sissi, it is even more lovely.

  3. WOW Riitta, what a wonderful collage! And still so much snow ... I am sure, when spring sun comes, the rest will disappear soon ;O)
    Happy easter to you!
    Love and nhugs, Claudia xo

  4. ...a beautiful March and I hope that your April will be wonderful.

  5. Dear Riitta!
    How nice to be with you again after my long absence.
    Yesterday I came back from the hospital.
    As always, a beautiful collage. I am happy that spring is coming.
    The first spring flowers are blooming and the sun is shining.
    Hugs and greetings.

  6. April is such a hopeful month, with sunnier and warmer weather. It is interesting to watch land being prepared for house construction. Your collage is beautiful and I wish you a beautiful Easter.

  7. That’s for sure interesting, but also a bit loud in this moment. I just love the pics with the blue sky and still the snow to see. It looks so pretty, but I believe you that you are now waiting for spring and all the flowers in your garden.

    A good start into April I am sending greetings and hugs over to you


  8. Ooooo - I love your pictures, Riitta! The collage is pretty. And I found the curly "Grünlilie" (Chlorophytum comosum);-) I have it too in my wintergarden.
    Happy Easter to you - Elke

  9. Deine Collage ist wunderschön, besonders der Federkranz. Ich habe heute auch ein Foto von einem abgeholztem Waldstück gemacht, direkt an einer Bahnlinie. Schade, aber manchmal ist es notwendig.
    Ich wünsche Dir schöne Ostern, herzlichst Klärchen

  10. Hallo Riita,
    wie schön deine Collage ist und so goldig deine Hasen.
    Einen schönen April wünscht dir Eva


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