28 helmikuuta 2021

Day of Kalevala & the Finnish Culture

Today we celebrate Kalevala and the Finnish Culture. The Kalevala is a 19th-century work of 
epic poetry compiled by Elias Lönnrot from Finnish and Karelian oral folklore and mythology.
I have shared before these photos of the Finnish National Museum, but in honor of Kalevala once more.

It is an impresive building opened in 1916 and designed by the architects
Gesellius, Lindgren & Saarinen.

The museum's entrance hall ceiling has ceiling frescoes in Kalevala theme, painted by 
Akseli Gallén-Kallela. The frescoes, painted in 1928, are based on the frescoes painted by him 
in the Finnish Pavilion of the Paris World Fair in 1900.

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10 kommenttia:

  1. Always interesting; I’ve read a bit more at Wiki. Thanks for sharing, also for the museum and the beautiful ceiling frescoes. Very impressive and must be breathtaking standing in this entrance looking up at the ceiling.

    Have a sunny sunday and greetings and hugs to you


  2. What a gorgeous museum! And a lovely celebration. Enjoy your day!

  3. Interesting to learn about the Kalevala and see the Finnish National Museum. What a lovely building.

  4. Hi Riitta.
    The building is impressive and the beautiful and significant frescoes inside. Thank you for sharing and letting us know the history of your beautiful country.
    Good sunday.

  5. Beautiful building, both interior and exterior.

  6. I love when oral history is preserved. marvelous museum!

  7. ...birch bark birds are made here in the Adirondack Mountains too.

  8. It is a stunning building. I have visited with interest. Happy Sunday afternoon!

  9. Beautiful architecture and great captures!

  10. The building of the museum is that of a restrained beauty!Love your captures o f the ceiling inside, especially that corner with the two wings. Wish I could be there and ask what it all means! It has been too long that I visited a museum. Many thanks for sharing this impressive Finnish one with All Seasons. You can be proud of your country:) Jesh


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