23 lokakuuta 2016

Snow on the Conifers

Aino said:
"New colours are shades of green with milky white as like 
"snow on the conifers". 
It isn't yet snowing in here but we are waiting when it will happen."

It's coming, it's coming!
These photos are from the last winter. Two versions with the same photos.

Värikollaasi - Color Collage 51

12 kommenttia:

  1. Kauniisti yhdstely luontoa ja muuta materiaa. Postikortin kaunista!

  2. Ihana kuva! Hyvin osaat myös käsitellä kuvia!!

    1. Kiitos Esther! Nuo Pantone-liuskatkin oli valmiina.

  3. Kauniit kollaasit. Lumikin on kaunista ja valkoista.

  4. oooh I'm feeling very cold Riitta!!
    Stunning images. I love snow if I can stay at home and don't have to travel long distances.
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)x

  5. Brrrr.... Snow? It looks cold and... Nice! ;)

  6. Very pretty. We are not having snow here yet either. It is very windy today but not so cold. We will have plenty of snow on the pine trees soon enough though.

  7. Too cold yet! I'm still in brown-green-gold mood here in Germany. But your collage is beautiful.

  8. How nice if I could experience and get the feel of snow in my hands.

  9. kauniit kollaasit! Tälle viikolle sitä on luvattu


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