06 elokuuta 2022

Between the Rains

Today it is a rainy day at last in Finland! 
I took a few quick shots between the rains. We have many curved paths in the garden, 
but in front of our garage there is a straight pavement plus straight long lower bed. 
Something is blooming throughout the summer. At the moment Hemerocallis & 
Veronicastrum virginicum. There are still some late bloomers to come.

This is some Aconitum. I suspect it is Aconitum lycoctonum subsp. neapolitanum.
I have got it in a plant swap and the good thing is that it needs no support
and spreads very well.

The Phlox are still mainly in bud.

To the right from the long flower bed  there is a small patch of lawn & rose shrubs.
Because it is a sunny & dry spot this big Echinops sphaerocephalus / Great globe-thistle
grows there. Its height is from 150 cm till 200 cm! 

Happy weekend. I hope you’ll get some refreshing rain as well.
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6 kommenttia:

  1. Sade ja ukkonen ovat todellakin kiertäneet näitä seutuja kesällä, muualla on kuulema tullut vettä enemmän kuin tarpeeksi.

    1. No ei sitä vettä taaskaan tullut siihen malliin kuin luvattiin 🥺 Puutarhaihmiselle pettymys!

  2. After weeks of heat and sunny weather finally the rain came...but we need more. The garden is like Sahara!!
    Love from Titti

    1. That’s so sadly true Titti. Birches drop their leaves and many shrubs turn to yellow. Autumn already?

  3. Yesterday 27 degrees and today 17 in Somero. Quite up and down this summer. 😉


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