19 kesäkuuta 2016

Old - Our Beautiful World

This Sunday's topic at Our Beautiful World is old
I found these old things in my garden and at the outskirts. 
Some photos were taken last winter.

I love this ancient stone hedge that limits my garden at one side.

Useless decorations...

My ancient & rusty garden tools - still in use...

I big rusty iron pot as a planter...

Maybe some painting should be done...

The snow looks so soft...

A chandelier hanging on my pergola...

A pole at the edge of a border...

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Have a nice Sunday even if it rains - at least in Finland!

10 kommenttia:

  1. Hyvin olet saanut OLD-teeman kuviisi. Kauniita kuvia. Nuo kivet ovat mahtavia.

    1. Kiitos Anneli! Tämä OBW on hiukan hankala, kun aiheen saa vasta aamulla tietää. Eli on tyytyminen jo olemassa oleviin kuviin tai sitten nopeasti napattaviin.

  2. Boa tarde, seu jardim é interessante com as sempre lindas antiguidades, gosto das mesmas, as fotos são excelentes.
    Boa semana,

  3. Hello Ritta
    It is true our world is beautiful, whether spring, summer, autumn or winter.
    Great pictures you chose.

  4. Wonderful old things and such an ancient stonehedge I want to have too (really I have a strong granite wall against the mountainside)
    Have a nice new week

    1. Thanks Mascha. It's too bad that the stonehedge cannot be seen from the garden, only from that very narrow street.
      Have a great week!

  5. Old things can be so beautiful. Your photos show how.

  6. Very nice fotographs of this beautiful places and old things. Like it very much! Marion

  7. Sigh... you have such a beautiful garden... Great photos of those beautiful old details! The moss on the stones and the winter shots, so beautiful... Thank you for sharing at OBW!

  8. Lovely photos! What beautiful old wagon wheels! Thanks for sharing with Our Beautiful World!


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