12 kesäkuuta 2016

Texture - Our Beautiful World

This Sunday's topic at Our Beautiful World is texture. I found this topic so fun and found tens of textures in the garden - textures made by man or the nature. Rough & shiny, old, newer... In many photos there is also a contrast - strong, delicate, shadow, light... I limited to photos taken outside.

This was taken inside...

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Have a happy Sunday!
- riitta -

7 kommenttia:

  1. Love the textures Riitta. It's great to have a theme to make you really think about your photos. Hope you have a good Sunday. B x

  2. Dear Riitta, I also love the texture of wood / bark, moss, rust ... Your photos on the topic are gorgeous!
    Moi Moi and happy Sunday,

  3. Wonderful wonderful photos Riitta!! Thank you for sharing at OBW and I hope you have a beautiful day!

  4. Beautiful textures Riitta! I love the wood textures and that gorgeous iron and stone work. And the plants have such a beautiful texture too. Wishing you a happy Sunday and thank you for joining OBW :) Hugs xx

  5. Great photo. Beautiful texture. Have a wonderful new week ahead!

  6. Upeita kuvia Riitta!😊
    Mukavaa illan jatkoa!

  7. Perfect set of pictures with textures. So glad to have once again found you through Our Beautiful World.


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