01 helmikuuta 2020

The Weekend Roundup E

Starts with E:
Echinops bannaticus is a bee magnet!

Tom's choice Enormous:
This was a difficult one for me. I use the word enormous seldom,
instead big, great, high... Maybe this skyscraper is Enourmous enough?

Starts with E:
My Environment - my home

Starts with E & my favourite:
Early one summer morning

#all seasons #der natur donnerstag #digitalart dienstag #dimimi #fokus auf schwarz / weiss 
#foto-tunes #gartenglück #image-in-ing #makrotex #mosaic monday #my corner of the world
#saturday’s critters # t in die neue woche #the weekend roundup #tuesday’s treasures
#uudet värikollaasit #wandering camera #willy-nilly #watw 

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9 kommenttia:

  1. A beautiful home, and yes it’s enormous. It must not be big, great or high...it can be cosy too ;-)

    My favorit is the first picture with the bees. Just love it.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend with hopefully sunshine.



  2. ...your E chinops collage is a wonderful sign of things to come. Riitta you nailed E nourmous! Your E nvironment is wonderful. E arly one summer morning is something to look forward to. Thanks Riitta for the visit, enjoy your weekend.

  3. Soo schön ist es bei dir liebe Riita,
    ich freue mich über deine schönen Bilder.
    Bei uns wird es wohl regnen.

    Lieben Gruß Eva

  4. Your fav is my fav: that lovely summer morning...
    Wishing you a joyful weekend!

  5. Dear Riitta
    My favourite is the picture with the bees on the Kugeldistel. I love it not only because of the wonderful colours but also because I saw it last year like this in my garden. The bees love these flowers.
    Have a nice weekend and hugs

  6. Ritta. I love your bees. They have gotten scarce around here in the Gulf coast area of south Texas. Yes, sky scrapers, high rise, are always Enormous. And your house is sooo pretty, in a pretty setting too.
    You do really good with getting all the current letters into your photos. That part is hard for me.

  7. Las abejas me encantan, y tu casa es muy bonita....pero me gusta todo. Besos.

  8. You have a beautiful home. Love all the bees shots


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