24 helmikuuta 2020

Every Day Is Earth Day

The International Earth Day is not today, but on April 22.
Recycling and climate change are on the news and topic among people.
The shop window of departement STOCKMANN displayed this text & this heap of clothes. 
It seems that there is a company called Pure Waste. This is what they say on their website:

“Pure Waste” is our promise to use only materials that would otherwise go to waste. We also wish to challenge the whole perception of waste. Pure Waste is recycling upgraded. Our vision is to recreate the fashion industry, and lead it into a future of sustainability. We want to industrialise textile upcycling globally as a common practice.
Every person on the planet throws 14 kilograms of textiles into waste every year. From 2025 onwards, an EU regulation bans throwing post-consumer textiles into waste. The clothes we wear can no longer be wasted. They must be worn out, collected and recycled. In six years, we must treat used clothes as raw material, not as garbage."

For Makrotex - Asetelma, Stilleben
 My friend Susu wrote a dystopia of the future Finland. Here in Finnish.

"When Dad was a kid, there were still cars. Sometimes Dad shows videos of former life in the streets of the city. There are cars everywhere. They were called buses, trucks, taxis, that kind. 
There are no cars anymore. No streets. We go by boat everywhere. I have a little boat of my own and Dad has promised that I will get an outboard when I become ten. Now I still have to row if I want to visit Minna.
Virtually always the waves are so big that I'm not allowed to take my own boat. When the storm hits, Dad takes me to school. I would like the winds and the rain to stop, so there wouldn't always be a storm.  Dad says my wish is in vane.

Tomorrow is my birthday."

Let's make every day an Earth Day
Let's keep the skies blue.
Every day, and Earth Day.

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19 kommenttia:

  1. We have to much clothing and shops! Earlier (in times of GDR) we had in our little town 3 stores for clothing, today we have over 30 and all want sale out all the colthes and things and the people buy them, sigh!
    By the way: mostly I wear second hand clothes, which I get from the German Red Cross.
    Send you spring sun for a good new week

    1. The textile and clothing industry are based on continous buying and consumption. The trends change so frequently. I buy new clothes very seldom, sometimes also second hand.

      Wishing you a sunny week too Macha.

  2. ...Riitta, the way that we treat the environment is a shameful. I grew up as a young person who thought we going to change the world. What a lousy job we did! Perhaps it will take children around the world to bring about change. Thanks Riitta for this valuable message.

    1. Yes, the state of the planet and the climate is a frightening thing. Here these topics are on the news constantly. I think this prsent odd winter is a clear sign of the coming dasaster.

  3. Asiaa! Ja komea kollaasi teemasta! Ostolakossa (turhien vaatteiden ja tavaroiden) olen ollut nyt muutaman kuukauden ja ihan hyvin menee. Vielä kun pääsisi ylimääräisestä roinasta eroon!

    1. Ilmastonmuutos on pelottava asia ja se on pyörinyt mielessäni tänä omituisena talvena paljonkin. Ehkä luit Susun viimeisen kravun, dystopian, jossa meillä ei ole enää teitä millä ajaa eikä autoja. Vuosia sitten Risto Isomäki kirjoitti teoksen Sarasvatin hiekkaa, joka on lähtemättömästi mielessäni: jäätiköt ovat sulaneet ja entiset kaupungit siintävät vesimassojen alla.

      Minäkään en osta juuri mitään nykyään, mutta roinasta en minäkään ole vielä päässyt eroon.

  4. This is true, Riitta, every day should be an Earth-Day!
    Wishing you a wonderful new week!
    Love and hugs, Claudia xo

  5. Dear Riitta,
    I say also "every day is an earth-day"!
    This is the newest trend, clothes made by waste. I am not shure, how much is true and how much is the same marketing trick.
    Celebrate your birthday well into your birthday,
    warmest greetings

  6. Das ist immer eine gute Devise, liebe Riitta. Was soll ich sagen, ich trage meine Barbourjacke von 1989 immer noch. Auch das geht. Sie musste einmal gerichtet werden und ist natürlich mit einer gewissen Patina versehen...

    ...happy MosaicMonday

    Hab eine schöne Woche, liebe Grüße von Heidrun

  7. Huh, onpa jotenkin kuvottava asetelma noista vaatteista. Kertakäyttömuoti on niin syvältä. Halpaketjut tuottavat jopa kuusi mallisto vuodessa halvalla hinnalla.
    Hukumme jätteisiin muutenkin, ei enää tarvitsisi rättiroskaa.

  8. A strong and true message - I agree with all those who say every day should be Earth day.
    I hope you have a lovely birthday.

  9. Paljon sanova ja toivottavasti herättävä asetelma vaatteista.

  10. Hello, I agree with Tom above! We must start correcting things we are doing wrong and teach our children to love our earth. Great message and post. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great week ahead.

  11. Tärkeä viesti, joka olisi syytä pitää mielessä joka päivä. Kun katselee ihmisiä maailmalla, ei nykyisin näe katukuvassa yhtenäisiä suuntauksia. Tuntuu aivan kuin ihmiset protestoisivat tekstiiliteollisuuden pyrkimyksiä vastaan. Minusta nuoret ovat fiksumpia kuin me aikoinaan.

  12. Muy interesante me encantaría que así fuera. Besos .

  13. We try really hard not to dispose of useful items, mostly they go to the local op shops (charity shops).

    Thanks for linking up at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

    My Corner of the World


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