20 elokuuta 2019

Sightseeing: Espoo Car Museum

A red London bus from 1948 welcomes the visitor!

I am not so enthusiastic about cars, but my 11 years old grandson is!
So sightseeing it was one rainy day. The cities of our capital region go this way:
Espoo in the west, Helsinki in the middle and Vantaa in the east.

Espoo Car Museum is the oldest car museum in Finland with its 40 years. 
It is located in an old & nostalgic grey stone stable. The two museum floors filled with cars, 
bicycles, mopeds, toys & all sorts of related equipment, portray a piece 
of Finnish automotive culture, from vintage cars to the 50’s American’s.

This Formula 1 vehicle is one of Mika Häkkinen’s first cars.
I doubt that neither Kim Räikkönen or Valtteri Bottas would satisfy with it!

The museum has been elected The Car Museum of the Year 2019 being the oldest and 
one of the largest motor-vehicle museums in Finland.  And full of cars it really was,
even to the extent that it was hard to find the needed distance to take a photo!
The museum was a bit dusty and too crowded, but the boy was in heaven!


14 kommenttia:

  1. ...what a collection of beauties, some I know and many that I don't. I like all of those emblems on the grill. Thanks Riitta for making today car day at Tuesday's Treasures. I hope that you are enjoying your week.

  2. There are some beautiful looking cars in your photos. I'm not much for cars, either, but it would be fun to visit with your grandson. Glad he enjoyed it!

    1. This museum visit was fun for the grandson. Too many cars in a too small space :)

  3. I see similiar cars, whe the oldtimer-friends are meeting in our town. They do this every year. But often I forget this date...
    From my childhood in GDR I remenber other cars.
    Enjoy last summer days (or is fall arrived in your area?)

    1. I think that beige car is Pobeda. There is fall feeling in the air but today the weather was lovely, I was out the whole day!

  4. A fine collection of beauties.
    Probably my husband will want to visit... ;)

  5. I like that old bus!

  6. These are priceless beauties.

  7. Oh, so wonderful cars, Cars with a Soul! I love museums with such old Cars!
    Thank you for great photos, Riitta!
    Love and hugs, Claudia xo

  8. Hello, the car museum looks like a fun visit. I like seeing the vintage cars and the double decker bus.
    Wishing you a great day and weekend ahead.

  9. Der Besuch solch eines Museums ist ein Genuss. Vielen Dank dafür, dass wir Dich begleiten durften.
    Liebe Grüße von Ingrid

  10. Son todos preciosos. Un beso.


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