21 heinäkuuta 2019

Strolling in my Neighbourhood

I had my daily walk early this morning when it was still cool & took some photos.
I enjoyed a lot - 1,5 hours - quite impossible last summer. How great is that!
It is a mix of old houses and new & modern houses, the styles are very varied,
well maintained gardens, wild gardens...

All the colours of bright summer!

This new house has a lovely garden - I admire this trellis of Parthenocissus. 

My friend lived in this beautiful house, but she died of cancer
a few years ago. I think her daughter lives now in the house.

This is my home seen from the woods.

A lonely bunny pondering what to do this Sunday...

Not much perennial blooming, bright annuals though.
I hope you liked to stroll with me - wishing a happy Sunday afternoon!
- riitta

8 kommenttia:

  1. ...beautiful, let's do it again.

  2. Um bairro muito verde e florido, gostei e aproveito para desejar um bom Domingo.

    Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa

  3. Dear Riitta,
    what a wonderful neighborhood. Both the houses and the entire green areas and gardens look simply enchanting. Also your house looks very good and fits perfectly to the neighbourhood. Maybe it was the other way around and you were there first? ;-)
    Dear Sunday greetings

  4. Un bonito paseo, tu casa me ha gustado. Un beso.

  5. What gorgeous colors! So pretty to see in my wet winter.

  6. I really loved strolling with you Riitta. To see all those beautiful homes and gardens, greenery and blooms. It looks such a peaceful and happy neighbourhood too. I loved the glimpse of your home and the curious bunny. Thank you for a share of your day. Have a wonderful week :D) xx

  7. I like to admire people's gardens too...
    Your neigbourhood looks tidy and well kept. Nice views!


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