12 heinäkuuta 2019

Friday Bliss #44 - Cool & Rainy Week

The weather has continued cool & rainy. That’s why I have searched joy
 in museums and family gatherings. We have gone sightseeing in Helsinki 
and visited some museums. I’ll tell you later about what I saw.

The garden looks a bit sad now. Everything stays as it is,  a few sunny & warm days 
would be needed... Maybe they'll come in their due time!

 Campanula trachelium in blue and also white are almost done for this year...

Clematis Petit Faucon and Negritjanka are blooming.

10 July we celebrated in Finland the birthday of one of our greatest 
female painters, Helene Schjerfbeck (1862-1946). It is also flag day of visual arts. 
That is why I saw an exhibition of a contemporary, very talented painter, Susanne Gottberg

Wishing happy weekend - stay dry & warm!
- riitta

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15 kommenttia:

  1. Hi Riitta,
    thank you for wonderful pictures , wonderful flowers!
    You had a lovely week, and you had rain! This is so good! We still are waiting for rain here ....
    Wihsing you a lovely weekend,
    Love and hugs, Claudia xo

  2. Liebe Riitta,

    Deine blauen Stauden schauen wundervoll aus, jede einzelne Blüte ist ein Gedicht.

    Wir hatten gestern nach langer Trockenheit endlich wieder Regen, der Natur und den Pflanzen tut es gut.

    Liebe Freitagsgrüße
    von Anke

  3. I look forward to reading about your museum visits. The paintings by Susanne Gottber are great! Thanks for sharing them. Your garden still looks quite beautiful. Lovely Clematis!!


  4. Dear Riitta,
    your Pictures are Wonderful and I love your Flowers. Here there is nearly no rain, just a lot of sun and it is dry.
    Have a Wonderful weekend and

  5. Let's hope the warm sunny weather comes back to Finland soon!

  6. Your flowers are beautiful. Looking forward to your holiday posts. Our weather temperature has dropped a little and we are looking forward to some rain.

  7. Dear Riitta,
    the different flowers look beautiful. They are all the same colour and yet they all look different. And they all got a bit wet. ;-)
    Just lifelike!
    Lien greeting

  8. Violet is a lovely colour.
    Thank you for hosting.

  9. Hi, Dearest ritta; We are having rainy days as well. I admire your Beautiful Campanula and Clematis.
    My new PC had infected by virus. Using cell-phone , hhaha.
    Talk to you later; Miyako♪

  10. Liebe Riitta,
    bin heute sehr spät mit meinem Post. Meine Tochter und ich machen jedes Jahr ein paar " Mädels Tage" und wir verbringen diese momentan in der Gegend von Meran.
    Deine Blüten sind wieder bezaubernd!
    Herzliche Urlaubs Grüße

  11. ...we have gone from cool and wet to hot and dry! Thanks for hosting.

  12. Hello Riitta,
    Your flowers are beautiful, in spite of the rain. We've had the same kind of cool, wet weather here and I keep saying that we need some days of sunshine for the garden. This afternoon is sunny and I am happy about that. Have a good weekend.
    Thank you for hosting Friday Bliss.

  13. Excellent post. Thanks for hosting and enjoy your weekend.

  14. Muy bonitas flores. Las pinturas se ven bonitas. Un beso.

  15. Beautiful flowers! I love the Clematis!


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