11 tammikuuta 2016

Winter and some cat stuff

Last week I participated for the first time in the Mosaic Monday.
I was very pleased to look at the numerous posts of you all.
So much beauty!
And you delighted me with so many nice comments.
Here is a little rose collage to say my thanks to you!

The real arctic winter continues here in the southern Finland.
We have had temperatures at -20 C, even below. Pretty cold.
White pure snow, some sunshine. Couldn't be better!

Cath posted last week a lovely collage with
yellow and orange poppies. They were so beautiful!
Here is my collage with purple ones.

The Emperatress Sissi  - our cat
stays from morning till night at the window shelf
watching birds and squirrels. Think about it, alert the whole day!

I want to finish with a little remainder:
Please, remember all the essential vitamins of colorful fruit!

The other Mosaic Monday participants can be found here.

Have a nice week you all!

9 kommenttia:

  1. Hello, Lovely flowers and winter scenes. Your kitty is adorable. Beautiful mosaics! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  2. Aivan upeita kollaaseja!
    Teillä onnekkailla on enemmän lunta kuin meillä! :)

    1. Kiitos Sara! Jo julkaistuja kuvia pitkälti, vain uuteen uskoon.

  3. Hello Riitta
    What beautiful mosaics you share today!
    I love roses and especially these old fashioned ones too!
    I can imagine how your cat would love to be outside stalking birds and squirrels - much better to be safely in the house looking out the window!
    Lovely to meet you.
    Shane in New Zealand

  4. Gorgeous mosaics again with the flowers and snow as a contrast....cute kitty too!

    and LivingFromHappiness

  5. I love all of your mosaics. Just lovely. And the Kitty is so adorable. Beautiful roses and Poppies.

  6. Beautiful photos! Your cat is so handsome and must be fun to watch. I never saw purple poppies before, and your rose photos are perfect. It does sound very very cold there--stay warm!

  7. Kauniita kollaaseja ja hieno blogi sinulla! Upean värisiä unikkoja :). Kasvavatko nuo omalla pihallasi?

    1. Kiitos Tarja. Kollaasin unikot ovat yksivuotisia, joten ne ovat joka kesä vähän eri näköisiä. Mutta omalta pihalta siis.


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