26 elokuuta 2019

Finland Boasts with Boating!

There is a saying that Finland is a land of thousand lakes, but they are a LOT more numerous! NLS - National Land Survey of Finland has found out in its recent research that there are 168 000 lakes in Finland that exceed 500 square metres. The number declined by 20 000, no big deal, they are still many! I am no sea, lake or boat person, so I don’t have fabulous lake photos, but please look at the idyll the Finnish lakes offer presented by my blog friend Luisella / Tra Italia & Finlandia.

No wonder Finland boasts with boating even to the extent that Finland has the highest number of boats per capita in the world, along with New Zealand. The information is based on a 2017 survey conducted by the Traffic Safety Agency (Trafi), the current Transport and Communications Authority (Traficom). According to the survey, there were approximately 1.16 million boats in Finland in 2016. There are 210 boats per thousand inhabitants in Finland, 66 in Sweden and 143 in Norway. Finland's most popular boat model is still the traditional rowing boat :DD

The City of Helsinki has about 12,000 boat berths, one third of which can be rented directly from the sports service of the city and the rest is leased to boat clubs and yacht clubs in Helsinki. The guest marinas are mostly run by private boat clubs. My boat photos are from Eastern Helsinki, Vartiosaari.

One HEL of an art experience - coming in 2020!
There are about 300 islands in the Helsinki area. Most of them are owned by the Finnish state, which in turn has made many of them available to the armed forces. I google a lot :)) and found this interesting news: Helsinki Biennial is a new international art event that will bring outstanding contemporary art to maritime Helsinki. The first Helsinki Biennial will be held in summer 2020 in the unique surroundings of Vallisaari Island.

For Jutta’s focus on black & white a collage of the same photos, 
added with a Helsinki  view.

I am Sailing, a hit of Rod Stewart from 1975

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  1. For sure...living there you must have a boat ;-))) Just love your pics and impressions and thanks for sharing them. This song fom Rod is one of my favorit song of all.

    Wishing you a good start into the new week I am sending greetings over to you


  2. I very like this song and all the water, wish, we had a lake here nearby and I could swim (Our public pool will close this friday, sigh!) or have a boat...
    Enjoy last summer days :)

  3. That's a great advertisement for Finland!
    super packed in beautiful, exciting pictures and the boats you have taken perfectly into focus.
    I thank you very much for that.
    I am particularly pleased that you participate in my challenge.
    Have a nice monday and a good start to the new week
    best regards

  4. Dear Riitta,
    what wonderful pics! I love the finnish "water". ♥
    Your collages are so beautiful!
    "Sailing"......thank you for the amazing memories!
    Hav a nice week
    greetings moni

  5. Great pics and good informations about Finland, the lakes and boats. Perhaps one day we are going to visit all the points of interest, but in winter ... without mosquitoes :))
    Like your work with the focus.

    Have a nice week

  6. Thank you Riitta!
    Good to know all the info you published. We have a wooden rowing boat too, quite romantic, but do not use it anymore so much nowadays.
    Have a great week ahead!

  7. Hello, beautiful views of Finland. I always love the water scenes. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week ahead!

  8. ...Riitta, this is a great pairing of your beautiful Finland and Rod's tune. Having always lived around water I can't image living anywhere else. Thank so much for sharing, I hope that your week is going well.

  9. You live in a beautiful place. Have a great new week!

  10. How beautiful! Love the boats, the water and the clouds in the sky! We have a lot of lakes here in FL but some of them are not deep enough for boats...more like marshland! I'm still reading Wabi Sabi and thinking of you! Hugs!

  11. 168,000 lakes, wow! We have one fake lake in our California county that I don't think is 500 square meters.

  12. We just got back from a four day boating trip in Coastal BC. Even in Finland I see that sailboats seem to outnumber power boats. We have a 25-foot Bayliner that gets us places pretty fast out on the ocean. Up on the lake we have a small sailboat just for fun. If we take it to town, a 25 minute power boat trip takes about two and a half hours unless we have a good straight tail wind to use the spinnaker. - Margy

  13. Riitta - I am used to small boats, such as kayaks. Nothing that would work in the sea! But I love pictures of marinas with all the sailboats and yachts neatly in a row. Thanks for sharing these with Mosaic Monday!

  14. Nordisch-Maritim-Blau, wie kühles schönes Wetter

    Genau so wirkt deine schöne Collage und das Foto von Helsinki auf mich.

    lg gabi

  15. Tiene que ser precioso. Un abrazo.

  16. I did not know any of that about Finland and I must lecture my grandchildren who live there severely for not letting us know (joking) ! We do love boats and boating. Your harbor photos are beautiful and I’d love to see them in person!


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