24 heinäkuuta 2016

Baking - Our Beautiful World

Salty cheese pie with ham...

This Sunday's topic for Our Beautiful World is BAKING, chosen by Ros.

At first I have to confess that I don't do any baking. No cakes in our house, it is not our thing. This started when my husband got enthusiastic with low carb dieting. So I share with you some cakes and pastries offered and partly baked by my daughter-in-law. She has a 'flour thumb'. We have this expression in Finnish but am not sure whether it is used in English.

It was a lovely summer party at the country side.
The house was filled with these precious and beautiful little girls.

Karelian Pirogs are typical salty pastries, originally from South Karelia

You can read more of these Karelian Pirogs at Wikipedia.
These are usually served with butter mixed with hard boiled eggs - munavoi - egg butter.

Coffee with cookies and cakes...

Strawberry cake - a must in the summer...

Cheese cake with sitrus and apricot flavour...

They say that at seventeen the girls are at their prettiest...
I think they all are prettier than these roses!

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The next Sunday's topic is WINDOW.
Join us and have fun!

16 kommenttia:

  1. Oh my goodness, but this all looks delicious. The girls are lovely, the roses are beautiful, and all in all this post is a delight!

  2. What a lovely post Riitta. Beautiful girls and pastries. Love the expression ' flour thumb' that is a new one on me. Have a lovely Sunday in your garden :) B x

  3. Ihania kuvia! Saisinko viipaleen tuota juustokakkua? :)

    1. Ole hyvä Sara :))) Raikasta se totta tosiaan olikin!

  4. So pretty and sweet, the baking, the flowers and the girls!
    Have a beautiful day, Riitta.


  5. Oh what beautiful photos and those girls are so very pretty!! Gorgeous baked goods there too ... The cheese pie looks delicious! Have a lovely Sunday!

  6. A lovely post Riitta. The photos of pretty girls and beautiful roses are enchanting and the pastries look so tempting. Hope you're having a delightful Sunday.

    1. So lovely to hear from you Linda. I wish you a sunny and good week!

  7. Ihanat ja herkulliset kuvat!
    Karjalanpiirakat näyttää niin hyviltä!
    Mukavaa kesän jatkoa!

  8. So beautiful and tasty too.

  9. Dear Riitta,so beautifull fotos, so taste the cakes.
    I wish you a good week.

  10. Beautiful lovely girls... and roses... and so delicious cakes - I very like cakes, but I don't like baking -
    Have a nice new week

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful post.I like the strawberrie cake. Mjammie. But also the nice photos with the girl in the background. You are a good photographer,

  12. :) *-* Such wonderful, delicious cakes and sweet collection of photo instants captured! happy celebration, as well! Lots of memories for and to delight the soul!
    Have a great day and pleasant week, as well!

  13. oh my, It made me hungry looking at these delicious cooking! Some I've haven't known before - still very inviting! Have a great weekend!


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