10 heinäkuuta 2016

Play - Our Beautiful World

This Sunday's OBW topic is PLAY chosen by Mandy. 
The word play has many meanings. I picked these uses of the verb PLAY.

We Finns think that blue and white PLAY well together...

My husband PLAYS his many guitars...

I often PLAY CDs and DVDs
and have a lot to choose from...

The children are PLAYING all the time with their toys...
We adults should not forget the fun of PLAYING either!

“Go and play. Run around. Build something. Break something. 
Climb a tree. Get dirty. Get in some trouble. Have some fun.” 
- Brom, The Child Thief -

With my old tennisracket I have PLAYED a lot...

PLAY it again Sam!

This is an iconic expression from the movie Casablanca.
But actually it was not said in the film quite this way.
Ilsa asked the pianist Sam to play 'As Time Goes By' with these words:
Play it, Sam. Play As Time Goes By.
But I don't mind. I want to remember the phrase as
Play it again Sam!

The males in the house PLAY the keyboard and piano....

Olli Mustonen is a famous Finnish pianist.
Here you can hear him PLAY Prokofiev Piano Concerto no. 3.

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The next Sunday's topic is  GREEN.
Come and PLAY with us and have fun!

6 kommenttia:

  1. Beautiful pictures of the many different interpretations.

  2. Vastaukset
    1. Kesän muistoja, kukkivat juhannuksen alla... Mukavaa sunnuntaita Anneli!

  3. Love your 'play' on words!! And your matching photos are fantastic! I love your black guitar... so shiny! and yes love blue and white! Great post!

  4. What terrific photos you have for the prompt! I love them all!

  5. Awesome collection Riitta, I love it!


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