02 heinäkuuta 2016

Bits and pieces - OBW

Tiny souvenirs from Barcelona - my favourite Spanish city.

The OBW topic this Sunday is Bits & Pieces or Bits & Bobs - chosen by Ros.

By definition this means a random assortment of different things or a collection of small things. My husband has a lot of bits and pieces, usually scattered around the house :) Have to confess I have my own ones too. Here some totally random photos which have no connection with each other. I hope you enjoy!

Casa Batlló in Barcelona by Antonio Gaudí - photo from my book.

City view from the roof of Casa Batlló

Midsummer is a huge celebration in Finland.
Big bonfires were originally used to scare evil spirits -
today they are just for fun.

A typical sight on the Midsummer eve on a Finnish lake.
The photo borrowed online / The newspaper Imatralainen.

Another superstition:
If you put 7 wildflowers under your pillow in the Midsummer night,
you'll dream of your future husband. True or false?

We sure have got our share of thunder & pouring rain this summer...

Anyone who has a cat, understands this message!

Here she is, my cat Sissi.
Looks so innocent but is independent and stubborn as hell!

These are the only flowers she lets in peace inside the house.
Artificial - oh no!

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The next Sunday's topic is PLAY.
You are most welcome to join - have a happy Sunday!

4 kommenttia:

  1. Olipas upea kuvakattaus; upeat kuvat! - Minulle Barcelona on vielä käymätön paikka. - Mukavaa sunnuntaita!

  2. Kiitos ihanista kuvista.
    Barcelonan syke ja iloinen meininki kutsuu meitä taas reissuun :)

  3. Wonderful photos!! I've been to Barcelona too! Love your beautiful cat!

  4. Aivan upea espanjalais-suomalais-kansainvälinen kissa-koira-kukka-jne postaus :)
    Ihanaa löytää tämä kaunis blogisi !


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