28 lokakuuta 2021

My October in Collage


Most interesting October posts would be:

But the most exciting happening to me was to see our new kitten for the first time.
She was born in Hämeenlinna  on the 2nd of September with 5 other kittens.
We decided to keep the name Selma that the breeder had given her. 
Selma is coming home before Christmas, in mid December or so.

Aasa is a caring mother and all the six kittens begin with S: 
Saana, Santtu, Seela, Selma, Siiri & Silva.


#der natur donnerstag #gartenglück #image-in-ing #krapu #makrotex / monthly collage
#my corner of the world #tuesday's treasures #t in die neue woche #wednesday around the world

13 kommenttia:

  1. Draga Riitta,
    O luna de toamna frumoasa si bogata in felurite si placute activitati!
    Apoi micuta pisica este tare dulce. O sa fie favorita familiei.
    Cele mai bune salutari,

    1. Thank you Mia ❤︎ Selma will be so much loved and I often think about her in these misty autumn days.
      It is funny that my blog's Google translator does not translate your Romanian text, but I use Google translator elsewhere to find out.

  2. I believe you that this was the most exciting happening of the month. Selma is such a cute kitten and for sure it will be exciting when she will be at home with you. Especially before christmas with all the decoration and than the christmas tree. A good time to learn her what allowed to do with the christmas baubles.

    Wishing you a beautiful day and sending greetings over to you


    1. Oh my goodness Nova, I don’t know how much I can Christmas decorate at home. Selma will certainly go crazy with all the forbidden stuff :DD But I long her so much already.

    2. She has to learn and for sure she will^^

  3. How nice and tender to see Aasa with all 6 kittens 😸 😍

    1. They are all adorable <3 Eight weeks today and weigh around 1000 g!

  4. ...let's hope that November will be equally beautiful.

  5. You will certainly enjoy having Selma in your home. Such a pretty kitten.

  6. Söpöt kissanpennut 🧡

  7. Está precioso el gatito. Besos.


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