18 lokakuuta 2021

Louhisaari Manor, Birthplace of Mannerheim

Louhisaari Manor is a historic baroque manor in Askainen in the municipality of Masku. The mansion is the birthplace and childhood home of Carl Gustaf Mannerheim (1867-1951). The house is a fine and rare example of a Palladian-style country house in Finland. During the restoration of the 1960s, the exterior was restored back to its 17th century style as much as possible. The house is surrounded by a park in English landscape style.

Mannerheim is our heroe. He was born in Louhisaari, but had to move out at the age of 13 after his father left the family & the seven children and moved to live with his mistress to Paris in 1880. Mannerheim's maternal uncle became his legal guardian and financier of his later schooling. The Russian Empire dominated the Grand Duchy of Finland before 1917, and Mannerheim made a career in the Imperial Russian Army. When Finland declared independent in 1917, he served as the military leader of the Whites in the Finnish Civil War of 1918 and as commander-in-chief of Finland's defence forces during the period of World War II and as the sixth president of Finland (1944–1946). 

The Mannerheim equestrian monument in the heart of Helsinki was sculptured by Aimo Tukiainen 
and was unveiled on June 4, 1960, on the Marshal's birthday. The bronze cast cavalry 
is 5.4 meters high and stands on a 6.3-meter-high red granite pedestal, 
so the monument has a total height of almost 12 meters.

In the park there was this beautiful scale model.
We visited the manor in the summer and were pretty much the only visitors.
It was very interesting to stroll around this impressive historique building.

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  1. Vastaukset
    1. Even Finland has some impressive manors, allthough our culture is not that old ;D

  2. Thanks for sharing. I have visited Louhisaari and liked it very much.

    1. A great green setting on a summer day - lovely!

  3. Draga Riitta,
    Impresionant conac, vreau sa cred ca si un loc minunat pentru locuitorii sai! Sunt gata sa petrec timp acolo doar pentru vizita si admirat lucruri pline de poveste si valoare... Pentru mine a locui acolo (in orice secol) ar cere un sacrificiu prea mare!
    Multe salutari,

    1. Thank you Mia for your fun reply! This manor was really impressive and interesting.

  4. What a interesting post. Never heard of Mannerheim before, neither of Louhisaari Manor. What a nice place. Love the inside with all these old furniture. I always find, there the wood was still "honored" and not just simply pressed together and painted. Just beautiful and thanks for taking us with you.



    1. Mannerheim really was our heroe. We thank him for maintaining our independence in our Winter and Continuation Wars against the Soviet Union. He had a really interesting life: first serving the tsar and then independent Finland.

  5. A great building, lovely interior!
    And I learned about Mannerheim today.
    Send you bright autumn sunshine

  6. I'm glad you gave us the historical background in addition to these lovely photos. I know so little of Finnish history.
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2021/10/i-dont-like-that-there.html

  7. What a beautiful home. I love the tile fireplaces in each room. So much more practical than open fires.

  8. I really enjoyed your photos of the historic home.

    Thanks for sharing your link at My Corner of the World this week!

  9. He was so lucky that his uncle became his legal guardian and financed his schooling. The scale model is beautiful. The inside architecture, decorations and furniture are gorgeous.

    Thanks so much for linking up on Wandering Camera!

  10. A lovely place to visit! Thanks for sharing.


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