03 tammikuuta 2021

Tracing The Shadow of the Wind

These are old photos from Barcelona and someone of you may have seen these before. But I wanted to honor Spanish writer Carlos Ruiz Zafón (1964-2020) who died in June 2020 of cancer. I have read all four books of his series of The Cemetery of Forgotten Books and in 2017 during my visit to Barcelona I participated to a guided walking tour which followed the routes of The Shadow of the Wind.

This city is enchanted, you know Daniel? 
It goes under the skin and robs the soul, and you don’t even notice.

Esta ciudad es bruja, sabe usted, Daniel? 
Se le mete a uno en la piel y le roba a uno el alma sin que uno se dé ni cuenta.

We were about twenty admirers of Zafón who were guided by our charming guide Cristina to the venues of the book. 
In addition to me, there was a Chilean lady, other participants came from different cities of Spain. Our guide Cristina took us into the moods of the book by reading excerpts from the book both in English and Spanish every time we stopped.  The Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar is important in the book, so a few photos of it. 

I did not know then Nova and her T in die neue Woche challenge - so this is what I have got!

In Barrio Gótico there is a small bookstore, which has kindly kept the fountain pen 
coveted by the novel’s Daniel on display at the window for 12 years.
La ciudad de vapor was published in November 2020 posthumously.
It is a book of 11 short stories a la gothic mysticism of Zafón ❤︎

Kindness, kindness, kindness. I want to make a New year's prayer, not a resolution. 
I'm praying for courage. - Susan Sonntag

New Year's Greetings!


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14 kommenttia:

  1. It doesn’t matter if I have seen it before...I still love to see these impressions, and it reminds me that in 2019 thought about to take a trip to Barcelona in 2020. OK, no trips to the mainland but hopefully another time. Love to see the city. Never heard of the book and next time when I am in Orotava I will have a look. Thanks for introducing and also the beautiful T. I am glad that you are also with us in 2021.

    Wishing you a beautiful sunday I am sending greetings over to you


    1. This series of El cementerio de los libros olvidados was an international bestseller. Zafón has created a fictive Barcelona as he liked: mystic & misty, but so wonderful.

  2. A lovely post Riitta. I loved The Shadow Of The Wind but have never visited Barcelona. B x

    1. You should Barbara. It is such a lovely city. Maybe travelling is possible some day in the future.

  3. These beautiful impressions are really wonderful!

    I sincerely wish you a happy and healthy 2021 and a good start.
    Dear weekend greetings

  4. I have lovely memories of Barcelona too.
    Happy January, Riitta!

  5. Lovely photos, I think I need to look for the book!

  6. What a great tour! I loved The Shadow of the Wind.

  7. Thank you for the wonderful photos. Barcelona is such an amazing town and thank you for reminding me of the famous writer.

  8. Deine Begeisterung zur Stadt und zum Schriftsteller ist zu spüren!!!
    Schönen Gruß,

  9. Mukava teema tuo kävely! Meillä ei taida vastaavia löytyä. Joku Ilmari Kiannon vaellusreitti löytyy Keski-Suomesta ja Martti Korpilahden polku, mutta mitään sen kummempaa niihin ei olla taidettu kasata. Täytyypä pistää kirjan nimi korvan taa.

  10. Preciosa Barcelona, y precioso el libro. Volví a releerlo otra vez y me encanta. Besos.

  11. A great tribute to this writer, Riitta - I really enjoy your love for art! His writings must have had a deep impression on you! It sounds as if there is so much historic art in Spain, it rivals Italy and France:) Many thanks for your New Year's wishes for All Seasons with these immense pillars! Jesh

  12. Barcelona is such a beautiful city that no one minds seeing photos again. I have not heard of this writer, but will add him to my list. Happy New Year!


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